Your home makeover by Indoor plants, ambient lighting, recycling old furniture.

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With the COVID-19 outbreak and national shutdown, our homes are no longer limited to the space where we rejuvenate and spend quality time with our families. In fact, today it has also become the place where we work, study, exercise, organize virtual parties and recreational activities. This is perhaps one of the reasons that more and more people are investing their time, money and creativity in transforming their home to give it a fresh, happy and peaceful environment.

A new love for “home” since Covid-19 outbreak.

The pandemic has made many realize that there is really no place like home. Since people spend a lot of time at home, they want to make sure it is a calm, warm and welcoming space that can withstand the stress and anxiety of our lives. “Staying home is the message we have heard over and over during this unprecedented time. Home has always been the foundation of our lives, but suddenly its importance has grown by many folds. The house is so much more special now. It is a safe and comfortable place for family, well-being, work and play, even amid the hustle and bustle of life. It will also lead to the homes of the future being designed to be more adaptable, so that people live, work and spend more time there” says Anil Mathur, director of operations at Godrej Interio.

Invest in your home.
Whether it’s tidying up rooms, shopping for multi-functional furniture, or bringing plants and paint home, people are sure to show a little love for their home. “It has been more than 200 days since the start of the new normal, people are investing more and more in study tables, ergonomic chairs and other seating options such as recliners, ottomans and mattresses to create a comfortable work environment from home. Also, people are looking for simple ornaments or decorative items that can give their home a quick makeover” says Saloni Khosla, director of space design at Pepperfry. The new normal has led to an increase in sales of multifunctional furniture. “As people have many activities at home, they want their accommodation to be comfortable, efficient and elegant with aesthetic furniture and accessories” Rajat Mathur, Script Business Manager.

1. Brighten Up: Whatever your style, be sure to brighten up your work-at-home setup with quirky table and floor lamps.

2. Go Green: Bring ever-versatile plants and succulents to help you perfectly transform your home into a stylish green oasis. Hang the plants on strings or place them on an old ladder.

3. Layer It All: Amplify the comfort of your home with plush bedding, pillows, blankets, rugs and more in soft tones.

4. Recycle and Reuse: Don’t just throw away old furniture, use it to make magazine racks, tapestries, lampshades and more with needle, thread and glue.

5. Memories on the walls: Take some old photos, frame them and hang them on the walls to give a personal touch to your home.

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