Why Today’s Job Market is Different?

Why is today’s labor market different? Let’s take a look at the top trends that describe today’s market. There is a huge shortage of skilled workers. Getting hired is relatively easy with the right skills. But it is still difficult to find your dream job. Let’s take a look at the top trends that describe today’s market. Organizations themselves struggle to create the best positions to attract and retain employees. The main reason for this is that the labor life cycle is very short. Most jobs today didn’t exist five years ago, and that number is 3 years for IT jobs. There is great uncertainty and enormous competitive pressure in the market. On the one hand, a great resignation is underway. The “Big Quit” is the term used to describe people who leave jobs. Companies focus on employee retention because they are unable to find enough candidates to apply for their jobs. It is very difficult for them to find talent. In general, I see employers clueless. People are asking for remote work and people are asking for flexibility. And the third thing that affects everyone is the skills shortage. Companies themselves have no idea what skills to look for. Companies are constantly asking questions about what skills to look for, what type of jobs to create, and the final question is where to find people with the right skill set.

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