Why should you learn Angular?

Before learning anything about technology, we always have a question in mind. Why should I know about this course? Let’s understand why you should learn Angular. Angular is a front-end framework. As it is a front-end framework, the concept of HTML and CSS is very important. The Angular framework fully supports HTML 5. This framework can work with cascading CSS style sheets. Besides CSS, we can also use SCSS or SAS. These are style frameworks that we can use in any web application and Angular supports them all. You can choose any to work with on your stylesheet. So why angular? With the help of Angular, we can develop Progressive Web Applications. If your app is a progressive web app, that means you can install your app as a separate app and it will work like a native app. You can also install it on your phone. You don’t need to download your app from the play store, you can just use the browser and it works like the app. PWD allows us to work in offline mode through online mode and it works great on desktop and mobile. By using Angular, we can develop native mobile apps. Angular does not directly support mobile app development but with the help of some frameworks like Ionic, we can develop native mobile apps, and internally we will use Angular. Similarly, we can also develop desktop applications using Angular, and again, Angular does not directly support this concept. But yes, with the help of other frameworks we can create desktop applications. Angular is super fast. You can deploy Angular code to any server. It does not depend on a single server. You can deploy it on an Apache server, Linux server, or any other server. Users are the most important asset of any web application and the user experience is the best on the angle. Angular is the best way to work on front lines and applications. Now let’s talk about who should learn Angular and I would say that you should know something about Angular regardless of your experience. Whether you are a more experienced or more experienced person, you need to know about angular because angular is a comprehensive framework.

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