Why Enterprises Prefer App Development in Swift

Credits : Business2community

Credits : Business2community


The eye-catching surge in the smartphone users has encouraged entrepreneurs to take the ‘BIG’ step of shifting from desktop to mobile devices. Considered as one of the most flourishing business areas, enterprise mobile app development has immensely revolutionized the way business tasks are executed. Since the launch of this new programming language, Swift app development has been a hot topic among many top enterprises. Leading mobile application development companies believe that this is the right time to turn to a fully featured and more approachable coding language for iOS app development. With app development in Swift, businesses have identified a huge scope in developing enterprise applications, endowed with multiple functionalities that enhance the user experience, satisfy customer needs and generate maximum revenue. We have seen the ascent of certain progressive innovations in recent years, similar to the ones like IoT, Cloud Computing and Big Data bringing very fast changes all through the industry, similarly like app development in Swift.

Since the launch of this new programming language, app development in Swift has always been in the middle of all discussions among enterprises. It has a higher quality code, is easier to maintain and has a very good performance level. After its launch, Apple’s new language has the potential to become the effective coding language for creating immersive, responsive, consumer-facing enterprise applications.

The app team at LinkedIn has chosen to go with Swift for the SlideShare app development because its syntax is very simple, English-like and very expressive. According to them, Swift’s functional programming features and focus on safety was the driving force, for the switch. Recently, app development in Swift has become the talk of the times, being a good enterprise choice for apps like Lyft, LinkedIn, Getty Images and American Airlines. The early adopters of Apple’s new language end-to-end approach are already seeing the value it brings to their business.

The open source nature of Swift has made it one of the most preferred app programming languages among iOS app developers who can’t afford to invest in the tool for building stunning enterprise apps. App development in Apple’s new language provides excellent opportunities for building apps easily and quickly. Other hot topic related to enterprise app development in Swift includes – open source libraries and flexibility to create contextual apps on latest iOS versions. Another trend introduced in app development in Swift would be the gradual shift of enterprise apps on the cloud architecture. This move by enterprises has encouraged iOS app developers to indulge in the development of different types of apps for payment processing, content management, CRM, automated billing systems, messaging system and more.

Why will you need Swift? Every business that needs to develop more interactive and faster mobile application on the iOS platform must look for app development in Swift. iOS Swift development would help to bring sensible functional elements into play, reducing the amount of time and overhead for your business operations. Today’s iOS app developers are keeping pace with the latest transitions in the language and utilizing this framework to benefit their global clients. App developers are familiar with the resilient and concise Swift code and follow the best practices of app development in Swift – to create a wide range of apps. The new language is easily understandable and its syntax is very similar to English. Swift moving to the Cloud extends its value globally. Developing Swift apps in the cloud should be simple and fast.

Swift saves enterprise money as they are compiled codes. With an app written in PHP, the server has to compile the code on the fly, which requires computing resources every time. That means less hardware, less money, more safety and more scalability. Over the past seven years, App Sore has paid over $30 billion to iOS app developers. It holds the record of app download at over 100 million, and currently averaging 850 downloads per second. 83% of the iOS users have the latest version as opposed to only 12% of the Android users. Tim Cook repeatedly emphasized enterprise foundations like privacy, security, and trust.

iOS8 was a huge release for the enterprise that appears to have paid off. According to Apple, 98% of Fortune 500 companies have built one or more iOS apps since iOS8 was released.

Apple CEO Cook Tim said – After Swift’s release as an open source project, more than 100,000 apps have integrated Swift code and it has become the number one language project on GitHub. He also said that is so easy to learn and it has the potential to bring many more people into coding.

Key benefits of Swift in Enterprise App Development:
Apart from helping in building secure and robust enterprise app, Swift makes enterprise app development dynamic in the following three ways.

  • Multi-faceted language: It is considered to be a multifaceted programming language that allows iOS app developers to build all types of apps from, including commonly used enterprise apps, and also advanced low-power Apple Watch apps.
  • Open source for enterprise app development: This is a big move by Apple. Before Apple’s new language, Microsoft.NET was the most used open-source language in the enterprise environment. Open sourcing of core libraries enables developers to develop efficient contextual enterprise apps on the latest version of iOS giving rise to streamlined business processes.
  • Cut down on initial app size with Dynamic Libraries: On most occasions, enterprise apps take more time to load. App development in Swift uses dynamic libraries which are directly uploaded to the memory, cutting down on the initial size of the app, ultimately increasing the app performance.

Objective-C is the past and Swift is the future of enterprise app development. The app developed in Swift – truly has lived up to the name, by being fast, of a better quality and offering high performance. With a strong community support, it is a modern day programming language of iOS development. It has proved to be a smarter programming language, one that can create a more direct and meaningful connection between iOS app developers and end users. The new programming language is becoming more popular and, in time may find a home on corporate servers. The possibility of expanding it to the server side made it the most-loved programming language by iOS app developers. Swift on the cloud is radically simplifying the developer experience, and organizations of all sizes can benefit from this accelerated path to productivity. Successful app development in Swift– has made it a preferred language for enterprise use, and it is exciting to know that more and more companies are starting to realize the benefits of this new programming language. There is a massive ecosystem growing around Swift, and by putting the right tools in the hands of iOS app developers, it is assisting enterprises to accelerate their path to productivity. Productivity benefits of the new language do not only come from within the code – a better app with less code – it also comes from development teams enjoying what they do. Hence, Swift, no doubt is a game changer for enterprises.
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