WhatsApp new features: Dark mode, animated stickers, delete messages :-

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  • WhatsApp finally released the Dark Mode feature in its latest Android Beta version earlier this week
  • We bring to you some of the latest updates that were rolled out or are under development to be released soon

WhatsApp constantly keeps updating its software to include new features in order to provide smooth messaging and call experience to its users. The instant messaging service took out a plethora of features recently. The most important and much-anticipated feature of them all was the Beta version release of the Dark Mode on WhatsApp.

We bring to you some of the latest updates that were rolled out or are under development earlier this week for both Android and iOS users.

Dark Mode feature: After almost a year of wait, WhatsApp recently rolled out the Dark Mode feature for both Android and iOS users. Although the feature is currently spotted only in the Beta version of Android and iOS software, chances are it may roll out for all users as a stable version really soon. The feature was spotted by WABetaInfo, a blog that tracks WhatsApp developments.

For Android smartphone users, if you want to use the feature, all you need to do is download the latest Android Beta version of the app from its APK version if you can’t wait any longer for a stable one. You can download the APK version by clicking on this link.

The blog also shared screenshots of how to enable the Dark Mode on Android phones. To enable the feature, you need to first update to the latest Android Beta version of the app and then go to Settings > Chats > Display > Theme > Dark Theme. And viola! WhatsApp will enable the dark theme.

Apart from the Dark Theme, the theme section also have the Light Theme and a Set By Battery Save Theme as spotted by the blog. There is also the System Default option, that is available for smartphones using the latest Android 10 OS and have enabled Dark mode for their phone, system-wise.

For iPhone users, the hints that were spotted by the blog include a dark splash screen in the iOS Beta update and it is already enabled by default.

The hints include, a tweaked forward button symbol, an updated group and profile icons, supporting dark colors. Moreover, the app’s top bar icons have also got updates. These tweaks essentially mean that WhatsApp Dark Mode for iPhones are really getting closer to its official release on the App Store.

Animated stickers: Another interesting feature that may roll out soon is the animated stickers support. The blog spotted WhatsApp testing a support for animated stickers pack in its latest WhatsApp Beta update for Android. Such stickers are already available on other chat apps such as Telegram and others.

This animated sticker pack is expected to be added to the stickers tab, whihc already exists on the app. Users will reportedly be able to forward these animated stickers to other contacts just like they forward stagnant stickers and GIFs.

Self-destructing message feature: Although currently available on Android Beta version, this update will automatically delete a message after a particular period of time as set by the user.

Once available, the ‘Delete Message’ feature will come with a toggle on/off button and users can choose a particular time interval for the messages to automatically disappear. There are five options for time intervals to choose from – 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 1 year. Accordingly, the messages sent to that chat will disappear. For instance, if the user opts for 1 hour time interval, the messages sent post-selection will be deleted after an hour. The feature is not a new feature in the app market. Other social apps such as Snapchat, Telegram already rolled out this feature quite a while back. In fact, WhatsApp is late in following suit.

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