What to look for when hiring a PHP developer

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Whether you are designing a website or application from the ground up or simply need to encode a new feature into your existing website or application, hiring a talented freelance PHP developer is an excellent option to consider.

Of course, in order to ensure that the project is successful – no matter how big or small it might be – it’s important that you take your time and choose the right PHP developer to hire. Below are a few qualities to look for when searching for the perfect PHP developer for your project.

The Three Tenants of a Professional PHP Developer

There are three basic qualifications that you should look for when first analyzing the prospects of a PHP developer – education, training, and experience. Professional PHP developers will almost always have an academic background in computer science before moving on to additional training specific to PHP then on to real-world experience coding websites and applications in PHP. Ideally, you’ll want to hire a PHP developer that has all three of these qualifications.

Proficiency in Other Coding Languages

If you want to be able to count on a single programmer to handle an entire web or application development project, chances are they will need to be proficient in more programming languages than just PHP. Other programming languages that are used in web development include Javascript, Semantic HTML Coding, XML, and various other coding languages. If the PHP developer you are considering does not have any other coding languages other than PHP listed on their profile, ask them about their experience with other coding languages in your communication with them. If you are able to work with someone that has an understanding of a few key programming languages outside of PHP chances are your project will go much smoother.

Great Communication and Interpersonal Skills

In many cases, being a great at writing code is not going to be enough for a PHP developer to guarantee a successful project. To compliment their coding skills, the best PHP developers rely on great communication and interpersonal skills as well.

These so-called “soft skills” help PHP developers better understand the goals and requirements of your project before they ever get started. In addition to making it easier to communicate your vision for your project, working with a PHP developer who has adept communication and interpersonal skills will also make the entire project more enjoyable, less time-consuming, and much easier to navigate from start to finish.


If you are able to find a talented and professional freelance PHP developer to work alongside you as you build or update your website or application, you’ll have a valuable member of your team that can help you create tools, features, and user interfaces that will set your business apart from the competition.

By taking your time when choosing a PHP developer and looking for someone who is experienced, has a broad programming knowledge base, and who has great communication skills, you’ll be able to increase the chances that your next PHP development project is 100% successful.

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