What is the dark side of being an entrepreneur?

Life isn’t simple when you choose to become an entrepreneur in India. Being a successful entrepreneur requires a lot of patience and an enormous amount of hard work. With outdated infrastructure across the nation and woefully old fashioned mindset still among the Indian investors, no doubt it’s often a mission impossible for many Indians. Whether it’s your business or the social life everything is going to be severely impacted by your efforts. You must be a genius to be victorious in such adverse conditions. You are almost sure to find it impossible to climb the ladder of success without substantial investment. You need investment for your business to take wings. You need a good investor, a visionary, who is ready to place its trust (and money) on you. This is going to take quite a lot of time. Even after a decade of hard work you may find yourself in the middle of nowhere. It’s not easy to setup a successful business. During this time, you need to stay focused, stay calm and ready to face odd situations. You must be a good learner. You should learn from your mistakes and take measures not to repeat those errors. You should also learn to manage your resources well. Make sure you utilize every single resource under your control. Entrepreneurship is challenging but isn’t impossible. If you have it in you and ready to sacrifice a few years of your life, it’s definitely achievable.