What are the features of online auction system?

The features of an online auction system typically include:

User registration and login: Users must register and create an account before they can participate in the auction.

Bidding and bidding history: Users can place bids on items and view the bidding history for each item.

Item listing and management: The system allows sellers to list items for auction and manage those listings.

Time-based auctions: Auctions have a set start and end time.

Automatic bid increments: Bids increment automatically based on the current bid and pre-set bid increments.

Automatic notifications: Users receive notifications when they have been outbid or when an auction they are watching ends.

Payment and shipping: The system handles the payment and shipping process once an auction ends.

Feedback and rating system: Users can leave feedback and rate each other after a transaction is complete.

Search and filtering: The system allows users to search and filter auctions by keywords, categories, and other criteria.

Admin panel: The system includes an admin panel that allows admin to manage the system, manage users, and manage auctions.

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