What Are The Common Full Stack Developer Interview Questions?

Getting the phone ring right. That’s the first thing you want. That’s the first step in the interview, regardless of what you know, how you want to perceive a formal interview that initial screening that happens. So, your question is about what do they ask you? I’m also going to throw in there what you should be asking them because that’s just as important. What they are typically going to ask you? From what I’ve seen in my experience, they want to know little about your background. Who are you again? Share some of your professional personality. Share your communication skills. Articulate very clearly and say I have exceptional communication skills. Don’t be shy to say. First of all, they may not ask that question but they are trying through the process of listening to you to understand your thought process, your communication process, your hard skills your soft skills. So, they are usually going to ask you a little about yourself. I find that the interview process is like a fire hydrant fire hose that opens up on you. You can slow that down. First of all, the questions start coming at you rapidly. Where did you do this? How do you do that? And I tried to slow things down. How I can answer that question best if I knew a little more about the people that were on this call. You can answer those questions a little quicker. Also, it slows things down a little so you could pull back a little of the control. Typical questions there going to be: Tell me about your background. Tell me about some of the applications that you’ve built. They want to understand your thought process. You don’t know enough for a question like that to answer straight up. So, ask some questions. The last piece that you are typically going to see, and this is the one you can’t prepare enough for is a coding challenge. I had one recently. They are watching your coding skills, so don’t try to stop and go grab Google. I would highly recommend the first thing you do Is pseudo code it out on the screen. Then go into the exercise and do your best to apply the pseudo code to the code you want to develop. It’s nerve-wracking, it’s scary, but it’s a question that regularly comes up which is code real-time.

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