Transfinder launches new version of trademark software

Credits : Timesunion


Called Routefinder PLUS, the browser-based software platform was created in conjunction with ESRI, a Redlands, Calif. software company that speciaizes in geographic information system software.

Civitella announced the public launch of Routefinder PLUS at the New York Association for Pupil Transportation’s annual conference in Albany on Monday. The announcement also came at the same time that the STN EXPO Conference and Trade Show was going on in Reno, Nev., another big transportation conference Civitella was planning to attend.

Civitella, who wrote the code for Transfinder’s first version of Routefinder decades ago, said that about a year ago he named himself project manager of the new Routefinder PLUS version, which he said is unusual for a CEO to do.

Transfinder’s coding teams in Schenectady and China worked together on the new version. The company has been testing the new Routefinder PLUS with customers and getting feedback on potential changes.

“We’re coding 24 hours a day,” Civitella said. “I’m very involved.”

Transfinder has 100 local employees and posted $13.67 million in revenue in 2017. Routefinder PLUS is expected to grow both numbers.

“It is impossible to overstate how significant this product is not only to Transfinder as the global leader in routing software, but to the industry at large,” Civitella said.

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