Top Enterprise Software Tech Trends So Far In 2018

Credits : Cxotoday


The industry of Computer Software is constantly changing and we have nearly crossed midway in 2018. To understand these technologies in the competitive market, and how they impact businesses, companies need to follow the main technology trends suitable for their industry and adapt to its changes. Why is it important? It helps to find more clients, provide the services that they’ve never seen before, and increase the profit.

The most notable industry and market trends are connected with the Artificial Intelligence, AR and VR, Big Data analysis, and improving the customer service. Corporations are getting more and more tools for analyzing their clients to fulfill their needs.

Blockchain technologies will also be a major trend. They become popular with the help of cryptocurrencies and many engineers still see a big future for using blockchain technologies in different industries.

AI And Machine Learning

The number of projects connected with AI investigations is twice as much as last year. It is developing quite rapidly. Big corporations make more and more investments in their research of AI and machine learning, and the number of successfully run AI projects should increase fast.

These systems have many advantages and we have to notice the ability to learn. Many search engines are already working by using AI and machine learning technologies and they bring much more effective results in shorter terms in comparison with usual software.


For decades, people try to automate routine processes to reduce expenses and do more interesting and less difficult jobs. There is nothing strange about this. Now there are even more possibilities to let the software do difficult tasks in a much shorter time than people do.

When working in online markets, companies automate the process of recovering password, responding to clients, processing their requests. This makes the whole workflow much simpler and faster. If we use AI and Big Data technologies, we can also automate personalized mailings and responding to clients’ letters.

Using Big Data

Companies will gather more and more Big Data about their clients and products. Why do they need this? With the powerful analysis tools, it will help them to predict the behavior of their clients, understand their needs, and provide better service.

When needing more space for data storing and processing, companies will spend much more on software and hardware for it. Different companies will be working on their projects developed according to their objectives.

Transparency And Communication

If earlier many teams were isolated from each other, now there is time to work together. When working on a common project, teams will communicate more with other teams and make the development process more open and transparent. Teamwork is becoming a new big trend.

Project managers understand that sharing the latest software technology and experience helps to reach objectives fast and get better results. That is why they support the communication between different teams and departments in companies.


We read about hacker attacks, data leaks, and stolen information almost every day. Such mistakes cost much for many companies. They will invest more in their security to reduce the number of attacks and leaks so it helps them to save much money.

Companies are going to use more professional security software. They also will work more on protecting the data of their clients. When more and more transactions are made online, it requires developing software for much secured payments – after all, today people buy everything online starting from goods to purchasing essays from an affordable custom essays writing service.

Marketing Technologies

People are bored by old advertisement technologies. They use AdBlock and other tools if they don’t want to see unwanted ads when they look for what they need. That is why companies try to use software to make their marketing technologies more original.

Many branding companies go online and start raising bigger profit by selling their products on the Internet. They run the clever marketing strategies using social networks, Google SEO instruments, other tools. That is why companies should look for original ways to do their marketing.


By using different tools, companies can measure different parameters of their service. How fast they provide their services, how much they spend on it, and how much are their clients satisfied. Then they analyze their results and see what they can improve.

Measurement helps to find out what they are doing right and wrong, what are their weak sides, and what they can do to gain more profits. There are different ways to gather such information, for example, customer surveys and other tools.


Every client wants to see what is interesting for them – if they get information that is not relevant to them, they get bored and unsatisfied. That is why companies will work more on personalization of customer service.

When working with their clients, companies should use these client’s names, personalized search results, and offers, based on interests and requests of these clients. People pay much more attention to things that are interesting to them.

Different Platforms

Clients prefer to use services on different platforms. For example, they can create a file by using desktop software, edit it later in a web application, and then work with it by using a mobile device. It makes companies develop their services for different platforms.

If an enterprise develops its application, there should be versions for most of the desktop and mobile platforms. It may be difficult but clients don’t like to work with software that doesn’t work with specific devices.


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