Top 5 PHP Frameworks – Laravel Is The Best And Top Trending

Credits: Hostreview

Credits: Hostreview

It is hard to recommend a specific framework in general. The decision of framework depends particularly on your preferences (and skills) as a developer and on how precisely you are attempting to finish.


Today internet has bunches of websites, each second developer makes another site and it is easy to build a website however with PHP frameworks. A few sorts of frameworks available in the market and all are famous frameworks yet Laravel is the best framework for components and for other numerous reasons.


Top PHP Frameworks which are most liked by PHP Developers:

1. Zend Framework is a decent establishment for everything and can be used additionally as only a library of different functions. It is likewise the nearest thing to be an “official” PHP framework so there are a great deal of developers who know how to utilize it. It is, in any case, not a framework you would use to model something rapidly.


2. Codeigniter is a free PHP framework by EllisLab. Codeigniter’s elements resemble no PHP  version conflict, perfect with standard hosting, very nearly zero installation, easy error handling, easy security, encryption steps and rich inherent libraries and helper. It accompanies clear documentation.


I’ve mentioned on here before that Codeigniter was the primary framework I ever utilized and helped me at long last understand the idea of Object Oriented programming. It’s absolutely well known, and has been around a similar amount of time as Cake.


3. A decent example is CakePHP, which is an extremely famous framework. Genuinely simple to learn. It has a great deal of sensible defaults and naming conventions that make your life much simpler, however which you can override.


Cake, in the event that I review effectively, was one of the principal PHP frameworks around back when spaghetti code was standard. The thought behind Cake was to make creating applications quick (ie, “convention over configuration”) by cutting down on how much code the developer expected to compose. Less time working means additional time money.


I was pretty skeptical about the viability of the CakePHP project since some of the core developers have left in 2009 to form the Lithium Framework.  However it got particular boost with the development release of CakePHP 2.0 which will address a number of issues developers had with the original CakePHP. Overall, this should be an interesting framework to watch.


4. Yii framework is used to build multi tenant, secure and effective caching applications. Yii is quick, steady, secure, high performing and gives MVC design pattern, rich featured caching scheme, role-based access and authentication, DAO (Database Access Objects), Ajax-enabled widgets and lots more.


Yii is a superior PHP Framework best to developing Web 2.0 applications. It comes with rich elements: MVC, DAO/ActiveRecord, I18N, caching, authentication and role-based access control, platform, testing, open source, high performing, object oriented, database access object, simple form validation, support for web services and some more. Yii Framework is perfect and ideal for developing social networking websites reduces development time significantly.


5. The Laravel framework will stay at the top, because of the huge interest from developers and customers worldwide (By 2016 overview). Laravel is growing so quickly in the PHP group in view of its unlimited quality and excessively included code base structure and its effective yet otherworldly ORM i.e Eloquent.

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The advantages of utilizing Laravel framework can be outlined as follows:


  • Solid ORM features builds its similarity and simplicity of use with database relations
  • Laravel outsourcing makes the arrangement of creating programming that display high extensibility through ease of maintenance. It has the arrangement of developing application software through serious usage of organizer structure and direct its working according to the carefulness of developer.
  • Laravel’s Blade templating Engine builds proficiency of code composing process. In addition, the code that has been composed compiles at a quick pace and the resulting outputs are cached. In this way, it gets to be complete to include modules and extra elements without disturbing the center architectural software framework.
  • Laravel’s Artisan bundle gives much ease in the usage of CLI tools like migration and tasks
  • Scope of reverse routing and detailed documentation
  • Executing a verification module is much simpler in Laravel framework. Laravel’s authentication configuration file is situated in the auth.php file inside the config folder. It contains a few changes that could alter the conduct of authentication module.


Laravel helps to solve common software problems such as:


  • Building an Authentication and Authorization Systems
  • Integration with Mail Services
  • Integration with Tools for Making Web Applications Faster
  • Fixing the Most Common Technical Vulnerabilities
  • Configuration Error and Exception Handling
  • Automation Testing Work
  • URL Routing Configuration
  • Separation “Business Logic Code” from “Presentation Code”
  • Message Queue System (Delayed Delivery) Configuration
  • Scheduling Tasks Configuration and Management


One can securely say that Laravel is the most popular PHP framework at this moment. Laravel developers to make web development simple and quick with splendid and perfect sentence structure. It empowered developers to work easily by rearranging every common tasks with the help of its built-in tools. Routing, authentication, queuing and caching are to give some examples.


As per this article published in Techninasia (best trending PHP frameworks for 2016), searches for word “Laravel” is trending the most while compared with other PHP frameworks. This is only one way for confirming that Laravel is in reality a standout among the most inclining and the best PHP frameworks in 2016.