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With COVID-19 causing Toys for Kids donation and enrollment plans to be briefly postponed in November, the program has caught up in recent weeks with Christmas just around the corner. But on Wednesday, thanks to KOXE / KBWD and Wendlee Broadcasting hosting their annual toy drive days, the Toys for Kids warehouse is close to capacity and delivery is scheduled for Saturday.

“I don’t know a number of toys, but we filled two trailers and three trucks with toys and bikes,” said Stacee Hetzel of Toys for Kids. “More than $10,000 in cash was also donated. Honestly, I was so worried and worried about this year, but after yesterday I was so relieved. I know that everyone who signed up will receive their three articles. This year deep in my head I thought that if they had one or two we would be very lucky. Yesterday I went there and saw bicycles, all these toys, money from people who don’t want recognition, they just come and give you money. I don’t care if it’s a dollar or hundreds of dollars, it will all be used to make sure the kids have what they need.” There are a few more items that Toys for Kids requests on the day of distribution.

The influx of bicycles could lead to an event that has never happened before with Toys for Kids.

Hetzel posted on Facebook Thursday night that she still needed some bikes to reach the goal:

1 – tricycle (child)
2-16 “(girls)
1 – 18 “(girl)
5 – 24 “(girls)
4 – 26 “(children)
2 – 26 “(girls)

The distribution day on Saturday will be a little different from previous years. This year we need to space it much more, we don’t want many families in 30 minutes for safety reasons. On Saturday morning they will start showing up around 7:30 am. Only one person can come with the map, whereby one person can walk with an elf and collect items from him and when leaving we will make sure they have rocking chairs and wrapping paper. We don’t have wrapping stations this year, we just didn’t think it was a great idea, but we will ship them with wrapping paper.”

As Toys for Kids was ready to bring a Merry Christmas to families in need in Brown County again, Hetzel once again wanted to express his gratitude to the Brown County community.

To donate by mail, the address is Toys for Kids, 2323 Belle Plain, Brownwood, TX 76801. The program accepts donations throughout the year.

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