The team behind the SEA Games results software

Credits : Thestar

Credits : Thestar


KOTA KINABALU: Six friends here were behind the bits and bytes of the 29th SEA Games.

They produced the software that prepared starting lists, as well as printed out the results of the various events.

Software developer Adrian Nungka led the team, whose members ranged between 24 and 32 years old, and they developed the on-venue results (OVR) software from scratch; starting in April for the Games that took place from Aug 19 to 31.

His company, Adre’s IT, has done an electronic licensing system, as well as mobile apps for real estate firms.

 Adrian’s work was noticed by retired Sabah Computer Services Department director Koh Choon Kong who recommended the team to the company tasked with handling the information and communications technology aspects of the Games.

As each of the sport was unique, the team found their work challenging because it was impossible to have one template that suited all the events.

“We had to develop software for each sport and some were more difficult than others.

“In diving, for example, there were the synchronised and mixed events so we had to write software for each,” said Adrian.

Similarly, he said, the software for tabula­ting the results for rhythmic gymnastics was one of the most complicated because it involved individual and team events.

“There were many sleepless nights and it was mentally draining,” Adrian said, describing the experience.

“But it was also a rewarding experience and we learnt a lot.

“We hope there will be other similar opportunities in the future,” he added.

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