The Sony Ericsson K800 was a multi-faceted phone.

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The Sony Ericsson K800 was a multi-faceted phone. From one angle it looked like a cyber-shot digital camera, but like a phone from another side. Look to the left and you would see a button for the music player, inside was a graphic chip capable of 3D games.

A 3.2 MP camera on the back was among the best mobile cameras of all times. It was protected by a sliding lens cover that automatically released the camera when it was switched on.

The phone really looked like a Sony digital camera. It had a two-stage shutter key, the zoom controlled by the volume control. The phone was quite large, but that also meant there was enough room for a flash.

BestPic functionality was quite impressive. It can click 9 full resolution photos that include photos even before pressing the shutter button. You can save one or more of those photos.

How to utilize your best shots? Well, you can copy them to your computer using a USB cable, via bluetooth. You can also share through MMS. If you click on the “blog this” option, the photo will be uploaded to, where it will be available to everyone. Facebook was still new and exclusive to students, Instagram was not a thing back then, how else would you share photos of your food or cat? Jokes apart, this was a feature ahead of its time.

The Sony Ericsson K800 was quite capable. For example, there are two buttons above the screen that complement the programmable keys below. On the camera, they could switch between shooting modes (for example, BestPic, Panorama) or scenes.

To the left of the phone there was a Play/ Pause button and a long press on the volume control to the right could skip songs. It wasn’t a Walkman phone, but a fully functioning music player. The proprietary port used to connect the headphones was not so great. But do you know what it was about? A2DP support, which made it possible to play music via Bluetooth in stereo. Of course, Bluetooth headsets weren’t as common in 2006 as they are today, but they’re still impressive.

The K800 came with just 64MB of internal memory. Maybe you could save up to 100 images, and not more than a handful of songs. This is where the Memory StickMicro came in, you can insert cards up to 16GB (although the slot was not compatible with microSD cards).

In the front, just below the left soft key, was the internet key. The K800 was one of the first 3G phones from Sony Ericsson and had a web browser (Access NetFront), as well as an integrated RSS reader, as well as an email client.

There was also the K790 variant, which only supported 2G connectivity (up to EDGE), but would lose MMS functionality and the front-facing video camera. It couldn’t be used to take selfies, however 2006 was a much easier time.

Anyway, in front was the Activity menu key. This menu was a mix between an application switcher and a notification area. You can toggle between running apps from here, checking for missed calls and new messages, and also accessing app shortcuts and web bookmarks.

Yes, the K800 was a multifunction phone. And, you could run mobile incarnations of some classic PC games: Age of Empires and Counter-Strike. The phone also appeared in the first of Daniel Craig James Bond’s films, Casino Royale (which also featured the M600). Sony Ericssons was a staple of the Sony Pictures Entertainment era of Bond, albeit to a lesser extent than Aston Martin. Of course, every now and then you will get a BMW Z3 or a Nokia 8.3.

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