The Process Of Iterative Software Development For Tech Companies

Credits : Forbes

Credits : Forbes


As tech companies grow, they often start overcomplicating and overbuilding software. The goal of such companies should be to create a tech process that allows flexibility and improves efficiency.

To do that, we need to understand the different areas technology must satisfy:

  • Business
  • Clients
  • Stability

A long-term business vision is very much needed as a guideline for everything that you want to build. Every idea will be checked against this guideline to make sure you don’t stray too much.

When thinking about the tech builds that will help you keep and generate more clients, it’s best to consider how your company can help your clients grow their businesses. If you focus on helping your clients grow, your business will also grow as a result.

While it is implied that tech must be stable, in the everlasting race of pushing out more and more features, we can easily forget that none of it matters if the system keeps crashing all the time. Every once in a while, you should have a project that has the goal of improving stability.

The Process

I have found that an iterative process works best, as it continuously improves the software while taking constant client feedback into consideration. The basis of the process features two pillars: planning and development.

The planning process starts with an idea and ends with a precise list of tasks for developers. In the process, the business and tech teams will work through all the issues and requirements and answer all questions. The development process always requires going through the flow of building new projects, one at a time.

Both planning and development processes work in endless cycles. Planning will always be preparing the next project, and development will always start working on the project after planning was finished.

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