The Intelligent Home Assistant app is the key to an easy, carefree and fun lifestyle.

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LG Electronics (LG) addresses user concerns by maximizing ease and fun with the LG ThinQ mobile app. The ThinQ app, a home assistant that goes with you everywhere, has an intuitive interface and smart features to improve your lifestyle.

Even today, LG is enhancing application compatibility, which currently extends to 32 LG products, including washers, dryers, air conditioners, air purifiers, televisions and refrigerators.

Real-time monitoring for an easy life.

Easily check the status of compatible LG devices around the home with real-time monitoring in the ThinQ app. Whether you’re home or not, you can quickly see how much time is left in the washer, dryer, or dishwasher cycle right from your phone and set up the app to notify you as soon as it’s done. No need to be in the laundry room or the kitchen to track progress, clean the house with ease.

Running out of household supplies? Easily order your favorite detergent via the ThinQ app.

Hassle-free product support.

LG’s suite of proactive customer service guarantees the best product experience, so you can relax on the housework. Proactive customer support communicates directly with compatible devices to deliver the best results for longer. Leveraging device health and usage preferences, an AI-powered customer service solution also provides helpful tips and tricks to keep every device in top condition. Plus, you can now enjoy personalized customer service for easy in-home maintenance. Because consumable replacement alerts tell you when to change your refrigerator filter, you can enjoy maximum operational efficiency and efficiency with minimal hassle.

Perform a “health check” on LG devices via Smart Diagnosis™ in the ThinQ app and get helpful maintenance tips. For example, if the inside of the refrigerator becomes unusually hot, the app can review the temperature settings and provide easy-to-follow instructions, if a setting is recommended. Smart Diagnosis™ is like having an expert technician at your fingertips, always available to help you deliver an enhanced product experience.

Your property verified with product registration will ensure basic warranty protection and prompt service and support, so you don’t have to worry.

Remote home control that leaves you free to have fun.

The LG ThinQ app makes it easy to control your home from anywhere, so you can turn on, off, start, stop or adjust settings for ThinQ devices remotely. Use the app to download new specialty programs for your washer and dryer, adjust the air conditioning temperature, and do your chores without getting up from the couch and watching your favorite show on TV. With such complete control, you have more free time to have fun and enjoy.

It’s not just an app – a game changer.

The LG ThinQ app reflects the brand’s primary focus: easy control, personalized performance, proactive care and energy efficiency. By enhancing the capabilities of the app, LG is putting seamless smart home control and 24-hour customer service in your hand. The app is a key to both the current ThinQ ecosystem and the future vision of a whole home solution that enables users around the world to enjoy an easy, fun and carefree lifestyle.

About LG Electronics, Inc.

LG Electronics is a global innovator in consumer goods and technology with a presence in nearly every country in the world and a diverse workforce of 74,000 people. LG is made up of five companies: home appliances and airline solutions, home entertainment, mobile communications, vehicle component solutions and business solutions with a worldwide turnover of 53 billion dollars.

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