The impact of 2nd wave on real estate.


The second wave of Covid-19 was much worse than the first. The real estate sector has changed in recent months due to the dynamics of the pandemic. Real estate experts have different views on the impact of the second wave on the industry.

Homebuyers are also taking advantage of the currently low home loan interest rates. It is very important to ensure that the houses are multi functional, have dedicated work areas and have rest areas or rest areas that need to be included in the houses they are building today.

In addition, community development has become extremely important with a variety of amenities such as open green spaces, activity areas, workspaces, and Wi-Fi enabled zones.

The second wave of the pandemic continues to rage across the country, requests for second homes remain robust and the focus is on wellbeing and greenery.

During these times, product-oriented and self-supporting projects emerge. Geography is no longer an obstacle and hence the need for a perfect balance between work and personal life has fueled the concept of a second home even among business people.

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