The corona virus pandemic has pushed professionals to adapt to a remote working style.

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The corona virus pandemic has pushed professionals to adapt to a remote working style. Many people have occasionally worked from home, but the transition to a completely distant working life is surprising. About 32% of professionals said they had never worked from home before COVID-19 situation, according to a Procurify survey.
Telecommuting is an adjustment, but 69% of those surveyed said their business offered no additional perks to ease the transition from working from home. One of the biggest problems is having all the necessary equipment, and only 53% of those polled said their equipment covered the cost of supplies, according to the survey.

With the economy in free fall, professionals are rightfully worried about finances. Working from home means having solid connectivity, a suitable hardware system, and a space to do your work.

However, not all employees automatically have this service, and 41% of respondents said they don’t think they will be reimbursed immediately for their expenses when working from home.

When asked which supplies would be most useful in their home office, respondents cited the following:

  1. A desk to sit / stand 18%
  2. An ergonomic chair 16%
  3. A new computer screen 15%
  4. A headphone 12%
  5. A printer 10%
  6. Laptop stand 9%
  7. A wireless keyboard and mouse 7%

Director of Motley Daniele Lecke, said: “After the transition to quick remote work, employers may be surprised to see that they can use their personal property such as mobile devices and internet connections at home. Whether you like it or not.” Compensating people with the necessary tools or providing those tools is more critical than ever as people particularly need this support during the corona virus crisis, said Jessica Lim, human resources partner at MyPerfectResume.

For companies discussing equipment provision, Lackey outlined a few groups that, in her opinion, were definitely worth reimbursing. She recommended reimbursing team members who earn at or near minimum wage. Additionally, team members who live in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Iowa, Montana, or Washington, DC must be compensated as those states require reimbursement for business expenses of employees regardless of salary.

“Providing a work from home is especially important after the recent tax reform of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which eliminated the deduction for un-reimbursed labor expenses,” Lackey said.

Lim offered “professional advice” to the companies, suggesting that they select a specific store and a particular make and model of office supplies so that the process would be consistent and fair to all workers.

The organizations suggested by Lim bear the cost of a laptop, an ergonomic office chair (limited budget), a mouse, a laptop stand, an external monitor, an external keyboard and a printer.

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