The best thing about JumpStory is its use of artificial intelligence.

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No one likes to look at a poorly designed website. Or a Facebook post with a boring image. Or a blog that is all text and without images. While words really matter, it’s those images that keep customers and followers coming back again and again. This is where JumpStory comes in.

JumpStory Lite gives creators access to millions of stunning images, illustrations, vector icons, and videos for use on websites, blogs, email, social media, YouTube, or anything other digital use.

The best thing about JumpStory is its use of artificial intelligence. By simply pasting the text you need a companion image for in the TextMatch area, the platform will automatically scan it for keywords and present you with relevant photos. You can even predict the possible marketing performance of certain photos.

If you need to edit your images or artwork to suit your brand before publishing, the built-in editor can help. You can crop, insert text, adjust contrast, insert your logo, or even remove photo background with just one click. JumpStory is really designed to make a creator’s life on the web easier.

Are you worried about running out of images? JumpStory adds more than 20,000 images to its catalog every day. And this is only the Lite version. If for some reason this is not enough, there is also a full version available which gives you access to more benefits.

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