Tech Django vs Laravel- Which Back-end Web Framework to Choose in 2020?

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A lot of frameworks are available online for you to develop the web application. In that, we will discuss the top two web frameworks here. Let’s start with basics. What is web framework? Web application framework is a standard platform that helps developer to develop the web application with all included features like web resources, APIs, and web services. So, it aids you to run the web app successfully on online. Since there are more frameworks, you have to identify the best one for your web app development project. To ease your work, I share the details about Laravel and Django, which are considered as one of the top web frameworks by the developers. Uses of Framework: Developers rely on framework for the following reasons: > To increase security of web app >Efficient platform to develop web app >Cost is also minimal and saves development process time >Supports web app with inbuilt tools and features. Types of Framework: Framework has two classifications like front-end and back-end framework. A) Front-end Framework: Front-end framework is an in-built JavaScript codes and rules that helps developer to build complex user-interfaces and guides to use HTML, CSS, and JS in easy way. The most popular front-end frameworks are Angular, React, Vue, etc., These three are having high rating between the developers. B) Back-end Framework: Back-end or server-side of the application is taken care by back-end framework, Similar to front-end, back-end framework has inbuilt resources to make the developers hassle free to develop the app. There are many popular back-end frameworks like Django, Laravel, ASP. Net core, Ruby on Rails, etc., In these, Django and Laravel has high developer community. Hence, we will discuss, which suits your web application out of Django and Laravel. Back-end Frameworks: Django: Django is a popular Python based framework used for rapid web app development. As it follows model-template-view architecture, it helps you to design pragmatic, clear and well-designed, and secured websites or web applications. Why to use Django? The advantages are here: >Simple and Fast: The main reason for using Django is, it is simple at the same time, a fast web framework. You can reuse the certain set of features in Django for all projects without starting from scratch. Due to fast nature, you can complete the app development on time. >Secured Framework: All developers need secure platform to proceed their development task. In this case, Django is very secure and helps developers to stay away from issues like clickjacking, SQL injection, etc., >Independent and Suitable Framework: Django is suitable for any type of web development project from small to large resources. Also, it is independent. (i.e.,) it is a cross platform framework that works on multiple platforms like Mac, Linux, or PC. Laravel: Laravel is another popular web app framework based on PHP. It follows model-view-controller (MVC) architecture pattern and helps developer to develop web app with pleasing functionalities. Why to use Laravel? The following are Laravel advantages: > Good Architecture: Since Laravel is following MVC pattern, it has object-oriented and amazing syntax to create interactive web application. >Easy Broadcasting: Laravel helps you to execute web app with real-time data like live events, wide broadcasting, etc., >Artisan Feature: A command line interface named Artisan is present in Laravel that helps developers with its pre-generated features like managing database migrations, generating basic codes, etc., Hence it makes developer to develop project with existing resources and without creating from scratch.

1.Development Mode: Even Django is back-end, it performs better in both front-end and back-end development side. Since it based on Python and contains Python library files, it helps to create high-quality web application for your business. On the other side, since Laravel is a PHP based framework, it is working for back-end or server-side development process. Because, PHP is a back-end programming language. 2.Developing Pattern: As said earlier, Django is following model-template-view (MVT/ MTV) architecture pattern, whereas Laravel follows model-view-controller (MVC) architecture. In both frameworks, the model part of the architecture takes care of database (server-side). The view part is responsible for displaying interactive data to the users (client-side). The controller part in Laravel acts as an intermediate between model and view. The only difference between MVC and MVT is, Django itself will manage controller part and provides you the template part (i.e.,) gives HTML file with Django Template Language (DTL). 3. Easy Coding: Django is very easy learn and code. But Laravel is little hard that you want some knowledge in PHP development to carry out Laravel framework. 4.Security: Django helps developers to free from SQL injection, clickjacking issues by providing strong security to your web app. Laravel is also providing high security and helps you to free from cross-site scripting issues and more. But when comparing both, Django is more secure than Laravel. 5.Speed and Tutorial: Laravel is a fast framework but when compared to Django, it is slow. The reason is, Django is naturally fast and you can deliver the app on time. Django provides you strong library with detailed instructions of ‘how-to use’ tutorials which are easy and simple to learn. Laravel also provides you 1000+ videos and libraries to understand the working process. Final Words: In short, Django is a well-established framework and Laravel is a friendly framework. If you are a beginner in Django or Laravel, you can merge with the best web app development company like Infinijith to develop your web application. You can use Django, if you want fast and simple framework with standard library to develop pragmatic web application. You can use Laravel, if you want easy in-built resources to develop web application. Also, if you want to develop quality back-end side of the app, then Laravel along with PHP is the best option.

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