Spruce up your kitchen countertop with Dolce & Gabbana appliances.

Credits : Cnaluxury.channelnewsasia.com

If you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen counter, these colorful kitchen appliances from Dolce & Gabbana serve as decorative accents while getting the job done.

Nicknamed “Sicily Is My Love”, the collection is a collaboration with Italian home appliance company Smeg. As the name suggests, the collection is inspired by the Italian region of Sicily, an exciting, vibrant and culturally unique destination known for its food, architecture and ancient archaeological sites.

Appliances in the collection including toaster, juicer, hand mixer, stand mixer, coffee maker, electric kettle and more feature exclusive Dolce & Gabbana decor patterns and vibrant colors.

Sicilian-branded decorations like lemons, prickly pears, and bright red cherries are woven into the designs. These objects are framed with triangular designs, known as crocchi, along with delicate floral designs and images of Sicily’s captivating Mount Etna.

All products are made on an industrial scale, using a reproduction process of hand-painted prototypes created by master Sicilian artists and craftsmen.

In addition to countertop appliances, the collection also includes larger appliances such as refrigerators and freestanding kitchen sets.

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