Software development platform GitHub launches operations in India :-

Credits : Timesofindia

Software development platform GitHub has launched operations in India, signalling the strength of the developer ecosystem in the country. GitHub is a place where developer communities learn, review codes and collaborate to build software.
India is the third largest developer hub on GitHub, after the US and China. The platform acquired by Microsoft some three years ago for $7.5 billion, boasts of 40 million developers across more than 100 million projects globally. “Our community in India is thriving, with the third largest number of active developers on GitHub and 22% growth over the past year, adding to an already significant base. We saw 75% growth in public repositories here, which means more and more projects are getting created year-over-year in India, which is incredibly exciting. We saw a 500% growth in private repositories where developers have access to private development environments,” said Erica Brescia, chief operating officer. The platform declined to provide any absolute numbers for India.

Stack Overflow, another online developer community that has more than 50 million visitors each month, has its highest number of users in Bengaluru, followed by London and Chennai.
GitHub has appointed Maneesh Sharma, who was previously with Adobe and SAP, as its head for India. Brescia said the code repository service will have 200 employees in India by this year end, including in sales and marketing. Globally, it has over 1,000 employees and plans to be over 2,000 by the end of the year.
“India is also home to one of the largest communities of student developers in the world. Investing in the future of open source by empowering students is key to our efforts. We’re thrilled to announce that GitHub Education is extending our popular GitHub Hackathon Grant programme to students in India, which supports student hackathons with up to $1,000 in grants,” Brescia said. She also said their student developer pack offers over $200,000 of benefits, including access to tech that they can use for free.
GitHub has launched an Android beta app where developers can host and review code and manage projects on the go. The native app adapts to every screen size and device. “It will come out of beta very soon,” Brescia said.
Sharma said GitHub in India hinges on computer science communities and commerce. “We live and breathe community. There are many open source projects that have come out of India. We want to make developers’ operational life easier so that they can spend more time on innovation. We are working with born-digital firms, as well as helping legacy firms catch up with the innovation bandwagon,” he said. Food-delivery startup Swiggy is collaborating and building software that powers their businesses on GitHub Enterprise.
Sharma said a Mumbai-based developer started one of the largest e-book management softwares on GitHub. Called Calibre, it helps people manage their e-books collection across Kindle, Apple and other e-book formats.

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