Should you use PHP or Python or NodeJS?

All of these 3 are very popular programming languages. For around 20 years we have been using PHP as a backend language and around 70% of the websites are built using PHP. Python is quite popular now and recently node JS has gained a lot of popularity. Now you might be confused about whether to use PHP, Python or node JS. PHP is very easy to work for beginners and it’s very fun to code in PHP.

Now let’s come to Python. Python is very popular as you know and the syntax was in the indentation and it’s quite nice and short like that. Using Python it’s enable you to use machine learning libraries as there are plenty of libraries for Python and It’s quite good in machine learning. So if your project uses machine learning and image recognition and many other similar features then you should probably go with Python for the backend. You can go for PHP if you want to save cost, because PHP is pre-installed in any hosting package. It comes by default with all the hosting packages but Python hostings are a little bit expensive

Now coming to node JS, node JS JavaScript runtime which was made in 2009 which allows you to run JavaScript in the computer as a standalone program. Node JS is single-threaded, so it’s quite fast and it is perfect if you want to handle a large number of requests on your website or you want to create something like real-time chat. If you just want to do the backend in JavaScript, the front end and everything in JavaScript, then you should go with node JS.

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