Seera Group, the region’s leading travel services company, has launched a new data portal .

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Seera Group, the region’s leading travel services company, has launched a new data portal for industry partners, offering comprehensive information on future searches, reservations, and traveler behavior.

The portal was designed to allow tourism boards and other industry partners to better understand the customer journey at each point of contact and to project for strategic campaigns.

In order to support the entire travel ecosystem during the travel recovery phase, Seera Group works closely with partners around the world to identify the most valuable data sets to adapt the platform and label it according to your needs. The first phase of the portal rollout will focus on tourism board partners, with data provided by Almosafer, the flagship consumer travel brand of the Seera Group, the leading omnichannel travel brand in Saudi Arabia.

With VisitBritain as a launch partner, Seera seeks to further strengthen the group’s partnership with Britain’s National Tourist Board, which has focused on revitalizing the tourism sector by positioning the country as a top destination for Saudi Visitors.

Recent information from Almosafer shows that the number of flights booked from KSA to the UK doubled from 2018 to 2019. In addition, Almosafer saw a 19% increase in hotel bookings from Saudi travelers to the UK in 2019 compared to the previous year. London, Manchester and Birmingham have maintained their position as the top three UK destinations since 2018 for KSA travelers.

The new portal, developed by the Seera Group data and analytics team, provides VisitBritain with access to powerful data sets and projections of business results. Information about destinations will be provided, along with details such as preferred travel dates, length of stay, reservation periods, preferred cities, accommodation and airline preferences and other statistics in real time that will help VisitBritain make informed decisions and move forward.

The portal also provides information on traveler behavior during the Covid-19 era, including research trends, as well as data on interaction with health and safety information available on consumer platforms.

Louise Blake, vice president of data and analytics, Seera Group, said: “This information will allow a better understanding of the target audience and behaviors, thus helping our partners to deliver additional value. Through this portal, VisitBritain can track travelers’ preferences and activities, helping them foster a more in-depth customer experience by providing an enhanced personalized trip.

Sofia Santos, Country Manager for VisitBritain at GCC, said: “Tourism is also an extremely competitive global industry and initiatives such as Seera’s innovative information portal, which helps us access real-time data on tourism preferences. Travelers and future booking models will help position Great Britain as the destination of choice for visitors to Saudi Arabia when it comes to promoting travel once again in collaboration with strategic partners in the region.”

Partners can access Seera Insights data such as competitor performance, reviews, social charts, customer differential value, and preferred destinations that can help develop optimal strategies for the traveler and business.

In the second phase of the Seera Insights project, the platform will evolve to include information on data from other verticals of the Group, including information on corporate and government travel management through the Seera Lumi brand and in the future, as well as datasets from Seera’s Hajj & Umrah travel brand, Mawasim, and its destination management company KSA Discover Saudi, which will be available to partners from the entire ecosystem, including hotel chains and airlines.

Abdullah Aldawood, CEO of Seera Group, added: “In these times, when the travel industry has faced an unprecedented level of impact due to Covid-19, it is more important than ever that industry partners come together to support each other.”

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