Red Hat Software Collections include Eclipse as a stand-alone collection

Credits: Heise

Credits: Heise

The software Collections 2.3, which are now available in the beta-file, besides the stand-alone Eclipse Neon also include PHP 7.0 and MySQL 5.7.The Developer Toolset 6.0 has for the first time GCC 6 on board.

Red Hat has four months after the previous release published updated versions of the Software Collections and the Developer Toolset. In the version 4.6.1, Eclipse Neon migrates for the first time from the toolset as an independent collection into the software Collections 2.3. Other new additions are MySQL 5.7, Redis 3.2 and PHP 7.0 as well as Git 2.9 and the JVM monitoring tool Thermostat. There is also an update of the MongoDB database to version 3.2. Some scripting languages ​​are also included in more recent versions, including PHP 5.6, Python 3.5, and Ruby 2.3.

The Developer Toolset 6.0 includes GCC 6 for the first time, as well as version 6.2.1. In addition, there are numerous updates to the utilities, including binutils 2.27, elfutils 0.167, Valgrind 3.12, SystemTap 3.0 and Dyninst 9.2.0.

Additional information is available in Red Hat’s developer blog . Currently, the software Collections 2.3 as well as the Developer Toolset 6.0 are located in the Betaphase. Both packages are part of RHEL subscriptions (Red Hat Enterprise Linux), which also now have the free Developer Systems Enterprise Linux Developer Suite is available.