PIX4D Software Engineers (C++), Berlin, Germany

Credits : Suasnews

Credits : Suasnews

We are looking for talented software engineers to join our new team in Berlin. Pix4D develops drone mapping and photogrammetry software that enables tens of thousands of professionals around the world to process, visualize, assess and edit their own maps and 3D models.You will join our new development team in Berlin and work closely together with Pix4D’s multinational development team, located in Lausanne (Switzerland). You will work on the desktop line of Pix4D software, following agile methodologies. Within the team, your main task will be to use your software engineering expertise both to design and develop the software, and contribute good software engineering practices to the team.

You’ve learned by direct experience that the most important characteristic of software is maintainability. As such, you strive to keep your code simple, readable and testable. You understand the importance of testing and your definition of “done” contains tests ranging from unit tests through to useful functional and integration tests. You enjoy sharing good practices, pair programming and learning from others, and are passionate about your craft.


  • Participate in the design, implementation and maintenance of core software components
  • Define clean, safe and reusable APIs for applications
  • Collaborate in the full product life-cycle, from early concepts and prototypes to full deployment
  • Participate actively in the team and company’s agile process


  • Excellence in modern C++ programming: focused on code quality, simplicity, and ease of maintenance
  • Excellent knowledge of modern software engineering principles and techniques: continuous integration, code reviews, test-driven development, refactoring, incremental delivery, effective git and/or mercurial
  • 3+ years experience
  • Knowledge on how to profile and debug applications on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Qt framework or event-driven system knowledge are a plus
  • Flexible and open-minded to feel at home in a fast growing international technology company


A company that faces problems together and values people first and foremost when achieving goals.

Highly collaborative structure maximizes each person’s expertise and creativity.

Active work culture and support system that reaches beyond working hours.

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