Pine Labs offers payment gateway service.


Plural Gateway is a customizable payment gateway that allows you to accept payments through more than 100 payment methods and is also equipped to process “Buy Now” transactions.

Plural Console is a payment management platform (POP) that provides a unique technical framework for initiating transactions across multiple payment gateways.

B. Amrish Rau, CEO of Pine Labs, said he was very excited to take Pine Labs on a new journey and familiar territory. What their technicians gave in the plural is absolute cutting-edge technology, and a seamless way to trade online. It is believed that Plural will be a category definition product that will provide an unparalleled payment experience for the end user.

Tanya Naik, Head – According to Pine Lab’s online and omnichannel business, the platform has been designed to be scalable from day one. Reliability and security are at the forefront, so further efforts have been made to create a modern architecture based on native microservices in the cloud that can meet industry-leading standards and metrics.
Plural is expected to facilitate the transition from offline to online for Pine Labs merchant base and other online businesses looking to partner with a company with significant experience in the payment ecosystem.

It is intended for retailers and businesses looking to rebuild or expand their existing e-commerce business. In India, other payment gateway providers include BillDesk, Razorpay, PayU, Zaakpay, Atom Technologies among others.

This precedes the company’s planned IPO, for which Pine Labs is said to have appointed Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs as consultants.

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