Picking The Right Programming Language For Your Programming Career

Credits: Groundreport

Credits: Groundreport

For programming, you need to know some programming language. Since the world does not rely on only one programming language, you have a huge number of programming languages to choose from. The biggest challenge for a new programmer is which programming language he/she should pick. You don’t really know which programming language you should pick because you don’t have the answer to the “why”. When you ask the experts, they will often ask you to pick the language that they are experts of. Since they have been playing around with their programming language, it always looks easy to them.

The first thing you need to know as an aspiring programmer is that you can’t pick a language based only on how easy it is. Of course, you will be recommended to pick an easy-to-learn language first, but it does not mean you will base your career on that language. Easy programming languages are often recommended only to encourage you to be a programmer. When the starting path is easy, it is more encouraging for newcomers to go forward and learn more. No matter how easy your first programming language is, you will have to learn the advanced and more difficult programming languages later on.

Now, there are many ways to pick your first programming language. One of the biggest reasons of picking a language is salary. You want to be a programmer because you want to make good money. There are certain languages that will pay you more than others. Some of the most recommended programming languages when it comes to high salary are Python, Java, C# etc. If you are good at programming using these languages, you can literally enter the 6-digit figure with your yearly earnings. With programming in Java you can easily make close to $80,000 every year.

Another way of picking a language for programming is based on the application of the language. You have to realize that different programming languages have different strong points. Java is perfect for making mobile applications but when it comes to creating web applications and web development, you will always be recommended to learn PHP and JavaScript. Note here that JavaScript is not Java and they are not connected to each other in any possible way. C++ and Python pare pretty strong when you are interested in creating gaming applications. If your interest is in big data and its analysis, Matlab is the language for you.

You would also want to pick a language based on your geography. Yes, your geography can have a great impact on your earnings as a programmer. For example, if you are an expert with Python and Ruby, the best place for you to find work is California. This is the state with the highest demand for the programmers in Ruby and Python. You will not be demanded as much if you are in New York or Virginia. The programming language that stays equally popular in all the states mentioned above is Java. In short, you can’t go wrong with Java.

It would benefit you to know that certain languages are becoming more popular with time and future might belong to them. Python is another language alongside Java that you might want to learn if you want to be a future proof programmer. Keep in mind that giants like Facebook and Google are using Python for most of their works. Among C++, PHP and Java, Java remains the only language that has maintained good popularity for decades. Lastly, you can learn multiple languages if you have passion for programming and you don’t mind spending time learning new languages.