PHP development trends to watch out in 2019

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Developers feel quite comfortable in case of PHP website development in comparison to other programming languages since it assists them in focusing on one particular area at a time. Another major reason for its wide popularity is that it is actually an open source programming language that means it is free to use. It supports MS SQL, MySQL and Oracle databases without any sort of trouble.

Considering this, it is expected to see a growing trend of PHP development. Mentioned below are some of the PHP development trends that you should watch out in 2018.

1. Options of Startups and Small Businesses

PHP language is well-suited for creating enterprise applications since it can easily handle a large volume of data. Utilizing PHP, you can easily start as an MVP or minimum viable product and then keep up growing.

This language is open source and comes with ready-to-use bundles as well as libraries which make it less vulnerable to different changes in the field of website development. Hiring PHP development company cost quite less, which means it is quite beneficial for startups and small businesses.

2. Emergence of IoT Technology

IoT technology is essentially a complex virtual structure of three distinct layer that needs a dynamic language which also provides faster coding. PHP fits best into these requirements that make it the best possible infrastructure solutions.

The latest PHP 7 allows the developers to easily access the asynchronous programming which allows the PHP code to easily carry out different multiple tasks in one particular single script.

3. Better Language Version

PHP 7 was recently introduced in 2015, and it kept getting updated four times with inherent major importance given to essentially improve security. Few of the other improvements consist of memory new interoperability features, faster code execution and usage optimization.

You can hire a web development company that specializes in PHP in order to get better web development services.

4. Growing Outsourcing of PHP Development

The entire global IT outsourcing market has been touted to grow by a significant margin in future. The major reason is that the outsource is quite low in costs.

That is why most of the American and European countries hire PHP development companies in different regions of the world that offer cheaper services. The huge currently rate difference has encouraged this particular trend.

5. Combination of Java and PHP

It is quite expected for different companies to create web applications which are a combination of both Java and PHP. Java is considered to be among the most secure programming languages while in case of PHP, it provides speed.

Combining both of them assist the companies to essentially reduce the costs and upgrade their applications within a relatively shorter period of time.

6. Increased Flexibility of Usage

If you have built a web application for your business and wished to expand it, then you can either choose actually to borrow different libraries from various places and upgrade. However, you will require a middleware in this case.

Middleware is essentially a bridge between the OS or database and web applications. There are numerous middleware solutions which are available readily that you can easily use to access any of the PHP framework libraries.

You should hire PHP developers who are updated with the latest advancements in order to get the best version of the web application.

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7. Increasing Benefits of PHP

PHP is highly dynamic. It allows the developers to essentially create dynamic websites easily. PHP can also be easily packaged with all types of Linux distributions, and this makes it quite easy to run with two distinct commands on the given command-line.

Treads is another benefit that PHP offers. PThreads assists in running different threads that enhance the overall ability of execution IMHP on different multi-core systems.

PHP also has one of the modules for image processing that has integration with the GD.

8. User Interface Trends

Responsive web is another major PHP trend for the user interface. Social media website like Twitter, Facebook, Emails and even e-commerce websites such as Amazon, eBay etc.

are the most frequently visited website that people search on their mobiles. In order to make them more convenient to the user and offer the best experience, the website owners should ensure that the websites are responsive.

Infographics, online presentations and visual effects is another rising trend that keeps the user engaged with the website. Flash is also utilized to create a 3D interaction that can be games or banner ads.

Header bar is used to express the services that are offered. Parallax scrolling is another gaming changing trend that is used to provide the images and banners with a 3D effect.


PHP is an astounding and brilliant server-side scripting language which can be easily used to perform different modules. Among this is the one which creates dynamic pages which have dynamic content that comprise of flash and animation in such a way that makes it quite feasible for the developers to create a great customized website that can essentially be the point of conversion of the thoughts of the different clients and even visitors.

The second module is meant for the independent user as PHP is open source and it can easily be converted in the HTML Developers can easily utilize PHP MySQL in order to control as well as repair all of the front and backend activities along with script installations without any types of queries. PHP is widely used for creating social media sites, email supervision and content management systems along with different other tasks.

These benefits and facets of PHP allow PHP website development an ideal choice for businesses. The above-mentioned PHP development trends shape the website development industry in 2018.

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