Photography Is The Best Way To Keep our Moments Alive.


We all love to keep our memories, special moments in life, and it’s easier to capture those moments on camera to keep them fresh and alive. In many ways, small or large, photography is an essential part of our lives. Photographer Vinayak Bagde understands this perfectly and with his talent he creates magic that will last your moments forever.

Vinayak Bagde as a professional freelance wedding and lifestyle photographer started his activity as a freelance photographer in 2015. He offers different types of photography at your service. Photography of 20 to 25 weddings, 70-100 fashion photoshoots, 150-200 portraits, etc. per year. He mainly works in Maharashtra, but also travels extensively for his projects across India.

He always dreamed of becoming a photographer. His clients love his work; and love his job. He also enjoys establishing and maintaining warm relationships with his clients, as they trust him to document their special moments, whether it is a wedding or a casual portrait.

Vinayak Bagde is a successful photographer and has reached new heights in his career, but every success is determined by struggles. Thus, Vinayak also had to face many problems at the beginning. He belongs to a middle class family; Her father couldn’t afford to buy her a full frame camera, but at that time her older brother was helping him out and buying him a new camera with the financial help. Vinayak dedicates his success to him. Life was tough, but Vinayak has stood the test of time thanks to his hard work and passion.

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