Nathaniel Bendayan, Director of NB Diamonds, asks what the rise of e-commerce will mean for the jewelry industry where sales and experience are so important in the business. We can say that the shift to online jewelry retailing has been going on for years, if not decades. We have found, one at a time, that all retail sectors are giving up major investments in the street to increase their offerings and online reach.

But nothing has done the radical shift in movement more than the pandemic. We’ve seen three nationwide bans in the past year that put trading on hold. But what does that mean for the jewelry industry?

As a market supplier, we know that trading in diamond jewelry is more than just selling. Diamonds are an investment, a commodity and a small tangible taste of exquisite luxury. For the consumer, jewelry is old fashioned. It’s a flash of the imagination. Envy and lust, sales experience, company prestige – all of these are integral parts of buying top quality luxury products.

It’s not just about owning the item, it’s also about how the customer feels when it’s time to buy it. It’s hard to imagine that an online transaction can be compared with a single click. We have seen many passionate retailers maintain their strong position in the jewelry market by diving in depth. Organization of new or expanded websites that attempt to provide the consumer with the same online experience as the business. For many, not only have they stayed afloat for the past 12 months, but they’ve seen a surge in sales. The new medium means they don’t rely on local engagement or loyal customers, but rather on an endless group of buyers.

Similar to the retail jewelry industry, everyone at NB Diamonds has recognized the benefits of expanding the online platform by building a powerful website. People are taking advantage of quieter times to expand the social media presence and reach out to new and existing customers. While many industries have exploded with the rise of online retailing, with the high-end market of all industries including diamond jewelry we have to ask ourselves, is there anything else here? Is the online demand due to store closings or is it a trend that is continuing?

It is clear that when stores open after each block, first in the spring of 2020 and then again before Christmas, the deprivation of the personal shopping experience has only resulted in increased thirst. As they say, “Absence makes the heart more loving.” The retail resurgence has shown that nothing is better than the moment you are shown a brilliant and sensational piece of diamond. Many of those who missed the opportunity to celebrate important birthday events, weddings, and celebrations over the past year have provided the occasion with a gift that will last for a lifetime and beyond.

Caring for loved ones and wanting to flaunt them with a precious gift that will preserve its longevity has lifted diamond jewelry into the hearts of many people. The year of the pandemic may have ended what we call “the personal touch” by replacing it with a masked, gloved and sanitized experience. But even when socially distant, people are social beings. An online platform today isn’t just about a website. And in that shift we saw an unmistakable seismic shift.

What does all of this mean for the next few seasons?

As we noted in previous bans, we expect the end of the current restrictions to coincide with a boom in retail frequency, especially in the diamond jewelry industry. Over the past year, market changes due to the pandemic and Brexit have had an impact on supply chains. It is imperative that the customers take full advantage of current offerings and make the right purchases in the months to come.

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Southfield-based Nexcess has launched StoreBuilder, a smart, remote e-commerce solution for building and managing personalized online stores. The product was introduced in response to trends in e-commerce and the rise of online businesses.
Aimed at merchants who don’t have any technical background. StoreBuilder harnesses the power of WooCommerce, a popular free ecommerce platform for store owners. It is an open source technology based on WordPress, which has been heavily customized and is free.

StoreBuilder’s proprietary intelligence engine leverages information from over 1,000 stores in 10 industries, including clothing, jewelry, housewares and electronics.

Users don’t need any coding or design experience to start a business and can upload content right after creating an account.

“Templates on e-commerce platforms are everywhere and often make one store look like another,” said Chris Lema, Nexcess vice president of products.

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The search for love in the digital age creates a lot of fear. If you’ve ever heard bad dating stories from your friends, approach any dating app with utmost caution. But just as online dating can foster strangely negative experiences, it also has many benefits.

Does online dating really work when it matters? Even if you’re worried it might not be a good idea (or even a waste of time), like anything in love, it has its pros and cons. We decided to ask the question of real people who have browsed through dating apps to find out what it really looks like. So let’s dispel fears and put the internet to the test.
Many people manage to find romantic partners online, whether they are looking for something casual or long-term. Overall, it was relatively easy for most participants to meet potentially compatible partners.
While it’s always best to try it for yourself, it’s helpful to know how others felt when they met partners online. How well online dating can work depends on what makes it a successful experience. Expert Gwendolyn Seidman, Ph.D. notes that this can prevent us from developing an emotional appeal to the people we meet organically, “A quick decision based on an online photo will not allow for this slower development of physical attraction and can become a potential partner.

Some people don’t look for strong relationships at first. Eleanor from Los Angeles was online for about a year before meeting her boyfriend. When Abby, from San Francisco, started using dating apps, he just wanted to go on a date, she says. She ended up in a long-term relationship with someone she met online. While many have clear expectations, many people change their minds. This is true for Jasmine, who says that when her goals changed, she hoped to find something meaningful.

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Our pets really are our best friends, especially since we spent the last year indoors with them.
Whether it’s a dog, cat, rabbit, fish, or any of the other furry (or scaly) friends we invite into our homes, pets are family members and deserve the best care. This year, many of us have welcomed a new pandemic pet to keep us in company, in an otherwise isolated time.

However, you don’t even have to leave your shelter to look for supplies, as everything you need for pets can be ordered from the comfort of your home.

Perfect for busy pet parents. Here are the best pet supply stores you can order right now. They deliver groceries, treats, medicines and other essentials right to your doorstep.

Chewy is your one-stop-shop for every pet, whether it’s a dog, cat, reptile, bird, or even a farm animal.

Not only do they carry adorable items like furniture and toys for cats and dogs, but they also sell essentials like medication and food that you never want to go without. Best of all, they have an autoship service that automatically delivers your order to your doorstep so you never forget that Fido meal again.

Make sure your pets are always feeling good and receiving the best care. The online pet pharmacy is a great option to find essential medications for your pet, such as Flea and tick medications, heartworm medications, pet medications and over-the-counter medications. Currently, the site is offering a 25% discount with code “CARE25” at checkout, plus free shipping on orders over $48.

Not a pet, these pet products are innovative, stylish, and your pet will love them.

Fable Pets is changing the Pet Space game and you want to participate. The pet care company wants to make feeding, training and exercising your pet an easy and fun experience with their line of products.

Show your Alpha Dog (or Alpha Cat) how much you care about the new Alpha Paw toys and treats. The online pet store sells essential products for your dog and cat at great prices and has it easily delivered to your home. Check out the bestsellers for all breeds, including the exclusive PawRamp website, so your pets can get on and off easily without getting injured. As an added benefit for the owner, be sure to visit the product store with customizable items such as collars and rings with your pet’s name and other products for dogs and cats.

For the wilderness of your home, make sure they have the essentials to get started in style. Wild Ones specialize in leashes, straps and other essentials for walking or running for your dog. Complete with colorful harness, leash, and poop holder, now available for $98. For an a la carte option, check out the range of everyday items including necklaces, shampoos, treats, toys, and more.

Red rover, red rover, send Fido down at once. Transport your pets in style and comfort with Roverlund roof racks. In addition to carrying bags for your pet, they also sell matching bags for their humans so you can travel with the loot. Remember to also put a strap on the stroller so you can walk around there.

When in doubt, give your pup a full box of items. After all, you deserve it. BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for dogs that is filled to the brim with staples like squeaks, string, treats, and snacks. All of these products are puppy approved and made in the USA. Boxes start at $23 per box but are worth more than $40. Each month’s box also follows a theme so you and your fluffy friend will have fun opening the mailbox to see what gifts you’ve received.

PrettyLitter works as both an odor control litter box and a doctor on the go as the litter box changes color depending on your cat’s health. After work, the litter box will clump together as usual, but it will also change color to indicate if your cat is healthy or has issues like high pH, bladder problems, problems, kidneys, urinary tract infections and other illnesses. Plus, PrettyLitter can be delivered by subscription without the hassle of or having to bring heavy bags from the pet store.

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Tarini Manchanda, 29, founder and creative director of The Initial Studio, has always had a creative phase. Manchanda was not satisfied with limiting this creativity to a certain area, but went the kaleidoscopic route and invented new projects (literally and metaphorically) with all her talents in order to offer a unique and personalized gift service.
What made you decide to create your own gift tag?
I’ve always been interested in design and details. While working at a creative digital agency, I decided to take a graphic design course which helped me improve my skills and interest. I learned from the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London, the importance of understanding what the consumer wants and being exposed to creativity in different cultures. I’ve always been fascinated by personalized products, by my grandfather’s embroidered handkerchiefs, his reading chair with his last name engraved and his beautiful monogrammed lederhosen from child to adult who today have a passion for interesting logos and big brands.

Is there a typical gift option, or is it more kaleidoscopic since you specialize in bespoke gifts?
Everything on our platform is monogrammed, which makes it the common theme that holds our kaleidoscopic range together. There is a wide range of products suitable for all occasions. We have customized gift options on our website for weddings, birthdays and anniversaries for just because gifts are easy to buy. Every order is gift wrapped. Our best sellers are pajamas, travel sets and home accessories such as faux fur bowls and photo frames.

Has the pandemic helped or hurt your business because more people spend time online but less?
In a way, it did both – we saw a huge increase in our online retail activity through the website, which I loved to create before the pandemic. People were more comfortable shopping online because they had no other choice. We were also able to use social media successfully to attract new target groups. Products like household clothes have become very popular as people spend more time indoors. On the other hand, the budgets for promotional gifts have been cut and the sale of events such as wedding favors has been stopped, which is of course a huge market for us. Going forward, we will focus on building a stronger B2C brand, which I think would help us become a more recognizable brand.

What kind of gifts do you think people will give in the near future as we (hopefully) don’t start recovering until 2020?

The focus will also be on meaningful, versatile and sustainable products. We now have an attentive and conscious consumer who is shopping more consciously than ever before. We’re working on a range of more thoughtful products that are carefully made and generate less waste. In terms of product categories, I see housewares and household clothes are on the rise. In addition to our usual monogrammed pajamas, we are working on products like storage baskets, night trays, remote control holders, coasters and napkins, all with initials for unique and useful gifts. As events and gatherings get smaller, people give more intimate and personal gifts.

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Shopping for patio furniture has gone beyond the need to visit your local garden center (although we still appreciate a mooch there, too). From supermarkets to hardware stores, there are now hundreds of retailers with a wide variety of garden furniture to suit all budgets, with almost all of them allowing you to shop online with just a few clicks.
Last summer, when we were all getting over the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, those lucky enough to have dedicated outdoor areas found they were even more of a haven than usual. Some reports showed that searches for patio and patio furniture increased by 70 percent.

With warmer weather making a welcome return, and the lockdown roadmap says groups of up to six people or up to two households can gather outdoors, we suspect a similar increase in numbers is taking place.

But with so much to choose from, where should you go first to redesign your garden?

Here’s our directory of retailers that deserve your attention: Whether you want to spice up your slice of the great outdoors with sleek minimalism, colorful maximalism, or just the basics well done (and at a great price), you’ll find what you need. I am looking to look for changes below.

You can trust our independent summaries. We may earn a commission from some retailers, but we never allow that to happen to influence choices based on real-world evidence and expert advice.

Argos: Even without the nostalgic sheen of the catalog (RIP), the great thing about Argos is that it basically sells everything you can imagine in every category, and that goes for garden furniture too. Whether you are in the modern rattan market or something more traditional, the selection is impressive and fortunately stocks are high at the moment. You can also find the design-oriented Habitat collection here.

Wilko: Wilko is known to be a great patio furniture destination if you’re shopping on a budget. The garden and outdoor living areas are surprisingly large and have everything from sheds to planters and planters at incredibly low prices from Wilkos. When it comes to furniture, you’ll find a good selection of bistro tables, umbrellas, swings, and even gazebos to go.

Homebase – You can always rely on Homebase for a shiny foundation, indoors or out, for an upgrade. There is a wide variety of styles, materials and colors in their ranges, as well as more original lines such as inflatable outdoor stools. You can also choose between next day or next day delivery.

Asda: Don’t neglect supermarkets to add value to your garden, even if you don’t live near an Asda store, the website has the latest deals on garden furniture and the prices are as low as groceries. Fun printed umbrellas start from £ 14, while some larger items, like bistro tables, still cost around £ 50.

Wayfair – Wayfair garden furniture covers everything from dining sets, loungers and loungers to our favorite bars. The website contains a large number of products from hundreds of different designers. You may need to sift something, but the (many) gemstones in the garden are worth finding.

Next: Next’s garden furniture reflects the philosophy of its clothing: it is contemporary without feeling too “trendy”. This means that you will love this investment for years, not just one season. The prices are a bit higher, but that reflects the quality that you can see in the many five-star reviews.

B&Q: In addition to everything you need to organize your garden layout, B&Q has everything from power tools to fencing items, but also furniture, heaters, grills, gazebos, and even hot tubs. Rummage. It also has one of the many spa areas we came across and even a garden sauna if you literally like Scandi.

Moda: While Moda offers indoor dining sets, it is almost entirely dedicated to luxury garden furniture and offers a truly elegant and well-built design. Corner sofas, fireplaces, bars and bistros await you.
The Reach: Unlike some of its blue and orange competitors (see you, B&M), The Range offers a home delivery service for its range of low-cost outdoor furniture. There are hundreds of lines to browse, including affordable versions of trendy pieces like hanging chairs and helicopters.

Ikea: It might not take forever, but pound for pound Ikea has some of the nicest patio furniture in its price range; It is particularly suitable for creative solutions for small spaces where you could not have thought otherwise. Only larger items are available for delivery. So with the props you’ll have to wait for the shops to reopen.

John Lewis and partner: Private label department store products are great, but the online garden furniture store is also home to big names like Kettler, so there’s something for all tastes and budgets. If it’s not too big (or you have a van) you can also click and collect your order from your local Waitrose.

M&S: M&S doesn’t have as much patio furniture as some of the other brands that have listed it, but we really love what it has: simple, classic shapes and neutral color silhouettes that go perfectly with whatever you want. The prices are fair and the delivery is easy to arrange.

Dunelm: Dunelms patio furniture isn’t as beautiful and contemporary as some of the brands, but it does offer some stylish options for those who want to scroll through the less interesting options.

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The beauty and cosmetics industry is booming. Although major players like Follain and Bluemercury dominate the cosmetics industry, establishing a line to deal directly with customers has a lot of leeway.
Starting your own cosmetics business online can pay off. With the impact of the pandemic on online orders, sales of online beauty companies increased by 64%.

The question is, how do you start a makeup line? Here are some simple steps to help you establish your makeup line.

1. Find and select the time slot

The first step is to identify your niche. Choosing a niche helps to focus on the specific point of the business and is vital for the cosmetics industry. You can opt for an organic makeup brand or develop makeup products for women. Once you’ve found your niche, it will be easier to promote your business by focusing on the niche products you offer and differentiating them from the competition. Choosing a niche for your makeup line will depend on your research and preferences. You can do literature searches on products that are in high demand right now or ask yourself why you want to start your own business. If you are passionate about makeup products for women, this should definitely be your choice.

2. Competitive research

When starting a new business, it’s equally important to know who your competition is, how their offerings differ from yours, and how well they’re doing. The need to screen your competitor is even more pronounced in an online business because the barrier to entry is relatively low.

First, consider your vision, mission and strategies to develop a unique positioning for your business. It would also be helpful to study customer reviews to get an idea of their needs. By looking at the pricing model, media coverage, and promotions, you’ll also get plenty of ideas for your startup.

3. Build a small but strong customer base

It’s important that every startup has loyal customers right from the start. It will propel the company towards a successful foundation. The internet offers several ways to promote your startup. Start by creating your blog or product website. Talk about your ideas and products and spread the word. Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook also help bridge the gap between a company and its potential audience.

4. Select the manufacturer

Now is the time to start your startup by hiring a manufacturer. You can get a private label or a private label manufacturer. Private label manufacturers offer different products for different brands so they can be renamed. Private label companies are somewhat similar, except that you can customize the color, scent, packaging, and other features of the product.

Whatever your choice of manufacturer, make sure your product complies with local and international regulations.

5. Build your brand

Your startup needs to create a story that customers can relate to. Customers should feel like they are buying the experience, not just the products. Work to improve the customer experience. Don’t limit your effectiveness to just delivering the product.

First, make your brand stand out by creating a unique logo. Then design and package your products so that customers can recognize them from the crowd. The more time you spend differentiating your brand, the more recognizable it will be.

6. Develop your shop

Now is the time to set up your tent. If you are planning an online route first, this step is easier. There are many ecommerce platforms that can help you boost your business. Check out Wix, Shopify, or WooCommerce and the funny thing is, you don’t even need a web developer for those platforms.

7. Market your startup

Once everything is up and running, spread the word. Take a look at your customers and the market segment you are targeting.

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Choosing between buying jewelry online or offline, each has its own set of advantages that can satisfy customers with different purchasing tastes.

Buying jewelry online or online can be difficult unless you are a discerning shopper. When it comes to buying jewelry online or offline, each has its own set of benefits that can satisfy customers with different shopping tastes. However, in the second decade of the 21st century, when the Internet has reached almost the entire world, online shopping can be beneficial in several ways. According to Shailen Mehta, co-founder of a startup, online shopping can be more advantageous due to simple payment options, return policy, discount offers, etc.

Today’s consumers are realizing the benefits of digitization and demanding more personalized domains. Statistics show that Indian consumers are becoming more satisfied with online purchases thanks to easier payment options, return policies, faster delivery times and different types of discounts, ”said Mehta of FE Online.
Offline shopping offers customers a pleasant experience. They can see, touch, and smell the product and make a purchasing decision after they are satisfied with the item. However, when shopping in-store, customers have a limited number of models and options to choose from. On the other hand, buying jewelry online solves the problems of time constraints, logistics, and variety of options and helps make an informed decision.

A few points that customers should be aware of when buying jewelry online, such as:

  1. Check the authenticity of the site.
  2. Check the purity of the jewelry ordered.
  3. Check to see if the seller offers brand certification
  4. Check the details of the fees before you buy
  5. Check the buyback or return policy
  6. Check a real invoice.

Jewelry shopping has been an integral part of Indian tradition and culture for generations. With the advent of technology, buying jewelry has become a lot easier than it has been in the past. It’s an omnichannel jewelry startup that recently raised $ 1 million in a pre-production round. This platform is currently home to some of the most popular jewelry stores such as PNG Jewelers, Ranka Jewelers, Waman Hari Pethe, D.P. Jewelers, P.C. Chandra, PMJ Jewels and IBJA Gold.

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A career in real estate can be both rewarding and challenging. However, to make a name for yourself on the pitch, you need to have some essential skills.If you were fascinated by buildings and skyscrapers as a child, a career in real estate may be a good choice. From client advisors to direct sales managers, there are several functions that can be used to gain an advantage in the real estate market. However, like any other job, there are a number of skills you need to have in order to be successful and relevant in the real estate industry.

Skills such as basic construction cost calculation, appraisal estimation, knowledge of stamp duty and registration tax rules and basic knowledge of building codes, etc. are beneficial to a property manager.

Communication Skills: If you are pursuing a career in real estate, be prepared for an individual interview with potential buyers. Excellent communication skills are an integral part of the job. Managers should be able to describe the characteristics of the project in simple terms.

Since real estate investments are expensive, the pros and cons, as well as the approximate return on investment (ROI), should be clearly presented. You can gradually develop these skills by practicing in front of a mirror and getting feedback from your friends about your body language.

Active Listening: In addition to effective speaking skills, active listening is equally important. It is important to listen carefully to the exact needs of the customer. Only then will you be able to offer the options within the specified budget and configuration.

If you are enthusiastic, empathetic and honest with the customer, it will automatically pique your interest in him. You can also develop active listening skills by listening to podcasts online and taking notes on them.

Negotiation techniques: It’s a deal at the end of the day. You need to be able to convince customers that they are making the right decision. However, be prepared for many questions, as real estate investing puts a lot of pressure on direct decision.

Be thorough with details and communicate effectively. If you keep customers happy with all their questions, you are on the right track. Learn to negotiate effectively. Follow up is part of the process and you need to persevere in following up on beneficial guidance.

Tech expert: If you are tech savvy, you don’t have to be a cybersecurity expert. It involves essential computer skills like creating a presentation, an Excel spreadsheet, and using social media like Facebook and Instagram. Knowing the technology can save you a lot of time and better manage your customers. You need to learn Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Google Docs to get better career opportunities.

Social indexes and local dialect: Be prepared to face people from all walks of life and from all walks of life. When meeting an international client, you need to be presentable with good manners. When dealing with a local customer, you may need to incorporate local sayings and serve them accordingly. Knowing the local dialects, social trends and how they are used to seal business will go a long way. Plus, being passionate about your work automatically leads you to learn more about geography and the people around you.

You should check online property listing portals to keep an eye on price trends. You can also check out special online portals that contain real estate news and information.

In short, patience is the key to success. Being a good listener and effective communicator with a passionate attitude can help you have a successful career in real estate.

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With the trend of online tutoring rapidly growing in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent closures, Bengaluru’s innovator Teachmint has enabled the digitization of the private tutoring sector in India. The company launched a free live tutoring mobile app where they partnered with more than 50,000 trainers.

The main driver of this growth has been a freemium model which has led to thousands of tutors registering on the platform. The app provides two-way video streaming and a simple tutoring business management workflow for assistance, content, testing, and other features. Its powerful web interface supports teaching and learning via laptop, PC and other digital devices.

Teachmint is a free app that tutors can download and start teaching.

A dedicated customer satisfaction team ensures that tutors can access the app via phone, email and video support. Sessions can also be conducted live using pre-recorded video. Teachmint intends to improve India’s online tutoring ecosystem and engage tutors from across the country. Their goal is to digitally empower 1 million tutors who use the app. Thousands of tutors have already adopted Teachmint to manage their tutoring sessions with a combination of online and recorded videos.

“Private tutors and training centers are in trouble because they lack simple and effective tools to bring their tutoring online. Our mission is to democratize online education. We strongly believe that the true potential of EdTech can only be unlocked with cutting-edge teachers. Repeated studies have shown that learning occurs best in cohorts where there is a personal touch on the part of the teacher and there is a connection within the cohort; this is something that has been largely lacking in the approaches taken so far by EdTech players, “said Mihir Gupta, Teachmint co-founder and CEO.

“In the coming days, we will see the emergence of localized EdTech brands led by tutors and institutes from different parts of the country spreading their own unique styles and pedagogies. We are already starting to see this in the form of a strong long distance trend in using our platform. For example, a Patna professor teaches physics to JEE aspirants in Bihar and Jharkhand, a Ludhiana-based institute teaches science to students in Punjab schools, and many other similar stories across the country. We want to be the backbone of technology and infrastructure to empower more than one million of these tutors in India.”

“The mentoring industry has undergone a radical transformation from offline to digital due to COVID-19 and mentors are struggling with business continuity. Individual tutors needed to go fully digital, providing students with comfort and convenience.

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