Online groceries.


Ordering groceries online is a lucrative business and will grow to an estimated $100 billion in 2021. Nearly half of consumers say they prefer to buy groceries online and the overall food category has grown 10% over the past year. Price is often cited as an obstacle to buying groceries online. Anycart, an Amazon-backed start-up offers online shopping with no price difference to the consumers. Co-founders Silvia Curioni and Rafael Sanches said the inspiration for Anycart came from their family’s challenge to prepare a quick and healthy dinner.

Together with a third co-founder, Renato Peterman, the team started the concept in 2019 and has been in beta mode till date. Anycart’s three co-founders previously founded Allthecooks which according to Crunchbase was acquired in 2013. Anycart relies on it to convince consumers by offering a cheaper and optimized platform. The customers can click on over 1000 meals, adjust portion sizes and load the shopping cart with all the ingredients for that particular meal. You can also fill your cart with previous purchases or search for food choices and browse multiple stores.

Anycart is developing a business model that follows in the footsteps of the travel industry. Anycart is a search engine between the shopper and the grocery store, while the grocery store does the work, delivery and stores the products. A recent PowerReviews consumer survey found that the main reason they used an online grocery platform was to save time while the second reason was personal safety.

Anycart focuses on “inspiration” of shopping as a competitive advantage and curates chef-developed content to inspire online shopping. The company is supported by Menlo Ventures and Greycroft.

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