New normal in offices or classrooms.

Whether it’s the new normal in offices or classrooms moving into the living room, we all had to make adjustments in this pandemic situation. Children in particular had to adapt to this new way of life. Of course, they stayed home and couldn’t go to school or play with their friends at night. The main fear among parents and in the minds of teachers was how to ensure a smooth educational experience. This would be a real test of your interest in the subject.

Fortunately, we live in a time when we can easily access technology in a convenient and readily available way. Most children have a mobile device or tablet that allows them not only to attend class but also to interact with the world. At a time when online courses can be boring, the power of technology has helped keep virtual classroom attendance at a high level. Teachers can watch all children at the same time, now there is no blackboard or back seat. With the help of interactive teaching materials, teachers can now create live presentations for children and include them immediately, which goes against the previous tradition of one-way conversation.

As children are in a more comfortable home environment, there is added value to engagement that comes from simply being comfortable. This opportunity allows them to be more creative in class. What is surprising about the move to virtual classrooms is that some research shows that students retain an average of 25% to 60% more when studying online than they would in a physical classroom. Only 8-10%. This is because children can learn faster online. Virtual learning takes 40-60% less time to study than in a traditional classroom. This is important because students learn at their own pace and can revise, skip or speed up concepts at will.

RoboGenius, the platform for world class coding classes also faced the same challenges. It was a difficult world where kids couldn’t take robotics modules, which are practical and require physical feedback to build successful projects. With virtual classrooms, the RoboGenius geniuses were able to survive the difficult times. Staff were able to send kits for children to explore robotics at home. The seasoned RoboGenius faculty also stood up and adapted to the challenge to ensure that all children received equal appropriate attention and clarity of concept.

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