New B2B Payment Options.


EVO Payments today highlighted the role of data integration in B2B and the Circle is expanding to Bermuda to help treasurers adapt to cryptocurrencies. In addition, Dinie talks about financing small businesses, Portpro introduces a mobile app and VARStreet offers new services for B2B resellers.

Banking deserts continue to be a headache for small businesses and in Brazil underfunded SMEs have created gaps in capital. But the answer is not necessarily to build additional bank branches.

PortPro, which offers technologies used in the landfill industry, announced a new mobile app that enables customers to do business with the company’s technology without having to work on web interfaces.

Shipping is a highly specialized task of moving containers between ships, wagons and trucks. According to PortPro, the app will be available for the first time in the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles.

VARStreet has launched a product offering called WorksLeader, which characterizes the company as a subscription business management platform for value-added providers.

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