Movie Booking Apps – The Ever Increasing Cost Of Reservation Fees


One of Tollywood’s first movie ticket booking web and mobile apps is soon to break away from local movie distributors and exhibitors. Filmmakers have reportedly decided to unlink their movies from the movie ticket booking app due to unusual ticket prices, especially in the Telangana area. According to media reports, Telugu film industry bigwigs have observed that one of the online ticket booking applications puts a huge burden on moviegoers with extremely high taxes and booking fees, which ultimately results in a low attendance of the public to the cinemas.
Faced with rising Telangana movie ticket prices on the one hand and the burden of reservation fees on the other, the AP government has already begun work on a new state web-based ticketing application, while filmmakers from Telangana would distance themselves from the app.

According to reports, it has been observed that booking fees have continued to rise lately as the ticket booking app has increased its commission fees up to Rs. 30/-, forcing a common man to watch movies on OTT platforms instead of theaters. Until the apps reduce their commission, local exhibitors apparently would not consider going back to the online booking system through their app.

“Bheemla Nayak,” which opens this week, has already stopped selling its tickets online to avoid that burden and will sell its movie tickets at the box office. However, Asian film promoter Sunil Narang reportedly has a different take on web app commissions. He reportedly said that Rs 30/- is not a large sum given the cost of time and fuel in a city like Hyderabad.

He also said that if a family comes to the cinema and cannot get a ticket, given the current fuel prices in Hyderabad, they must waste a lot of time and fuel costs. Therefore, this unnecessary time and money can be saved with the above application.

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