MobileMonday: Mobile development gets a boost from AI, Facebook and the healthcare industry

Credits : Mobilebusinessinsights

Credits : Mobilebusinessinsights

MobileMonday is here again with your top mobile headlines. Kicking things off is the struggle faced by DevOps developers, followed by AI’s alluring outlook for job hunters. Also, mobile deployment is growing due to doctor demand, while Facebook’s F8 conference pushes the boundaries of mobile development.

Siloed operations holding back DevOps development

DevOps remains an intrinsically useful yet somewhat mysterious technology, according to a recent survey. Case in point, of the executives taking part in the study, 59 percent didn’t have a firm grasp on what DevOps was or what it could do for their organization. Though 41 percent of organizations were leveraging DevOps to some degree, only 17 percent had data that was openly accessible to cross-functional teams. With mobile development ready to take DevOps to the next level, enterprise data needs to catch up.

AI development salary investments exceed $650 million

Looking for a new job? AI might be worth a look, if new research from Paysa has anything to say about it. Pumping some $650 million into AI employees, companies have opened up more than 10,000 positions in the US alone. Amazon and Google are setting the tone with an impressive $357 million in combined money spent on luring prospective AI candidates.

Hospitals embrace mobile strategy thanks to demand from doctors

They say the easiest way to gain traction in a given market is through product demand. At least in the case of mobile technology in healthcare, this wisdom holds true. Doctor demand has led almost two-thirds of hospital organizations to implement mobile device strategies. Despite concerns over Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations, these organizations have seen steady growth in mobile policy adoption, from 34 percent in 2012 to 39 percent today.

Facebook’s developer conference focuses on AR and AI

Facebook’s F8 conference has always been a wealth of innovation for mobile development, and this year’s edition did not disappoint. Headlining the list of announcements was an increased investment in VR and AI. On the VR front, Facebook Spaces lets users interact in a completely digital world. Championing the cause of AI to its 1.2 billion monthly Messenger users, Facebook will be adding innovative bots and features, thanks to the efforts of its 100,000 developers.

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