Mobile app development: understanding UX and UI

Credits : Whatech

Credits : Whatech

Mobile apps are designed to fulfill several business objectives such as to generate new revenue streams, enhance brand equity and to engage users to name a few. Today, the app market is flooded with innumerable apps and due to this, it has become a challenge to compel your target audience to download your app and use it on a regular basis. Hence, it is important to offer a great app and for this there is a need to understand the fundamentals of mobile app development. When it comes to knowing the fundamentals, it is essential to know about UI/UX. This is because the success of a mobile app largely depends on its UI/UX. Due to this, several renowned app development companies like Appinventiv pays a lot of attention on UI/UX design for apps.

There is no denying that when you are ready with amazing UI/UX design then only you are at a higher chance of achieving your goal of developing best apps. Before delving deeper, learning the differences between the terms User Interface and User Experience is beneficial for great mobile app development.

This is what I am going to discuss in this blog so that you can grab a better understanding of both these design terms. So, without further ado, get into your learning shoes.

Taking a Glimpse of User Experience

User Experience which is commonly used as UX is defined as the area of the design where designers work on enhancing the overall experience of the user. UX of a mobile app influences how users perceive it.

This aspect usually determines if a user will return to your app of if he will abandon an app after only one use. In order to accomplish the task of creating a wonderful UX, there is a need to follow a process, which generally involves proper research and strategy, user personas, user stories and prototyping

A Brief Insight Into User Interface

Talking about interface design, it is not just about buttons as well as navigation menus, but it is about the interaction between the user as well as the app. In simple words, it is about the way an app works.

Listed below are some essential elements of a great UI:


In order to provide great UI in mobile app development, you have to make sure that everything is clear through language as well as visuals. There should be no need of manuals to show the working of an app.


Don’t forget to keep your interface consistent across your app so that usage patterns can be easily recognized.

Good Speed

Good UI should not feel slow. You can provide feedback when the screen is loading and this will enhance the UI by informing users about the happenings.

Familiar Elements

You should use common symbols, icons, buttons and colors. This way you can make your users feel more comfortable and confident when using the mobile app.

In conclusion, you should not forget that people may be drawn to your app because of its great design, but they are likely to stick around if they are able to fulfill their goals. Hence, UI and UX are very important for qualitative mobile app development services.

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