Microsoft updates Azure services for SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL

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The announcement also marks the introduction of the first joint solution following McAfee’s acquisition of Cloud data security company Skyhigh Networks in November a year ago. Cybersecurity firm McAfee on Wednesday announced that its Cloud Security Platform will now protect Microsoft Azure and claimed to deliver the industry’s most extensive solution to secure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) computing. Skyhigh now is part of McAfee’s cloud security business unit. Anand Ramanathan, McAfee’s vice president of product development, tells Channel Partners the latest security service for Azure creates “tremendous new opportunities” for McAfee’s partners. McAfee’s partners work with large multinational enterprises who have complex architectures in Azure. And these very customers will require a comprehensive cloud security solution to help them fulfill their end of cloud security’s shared responsibility model. McAfee’s solution is created to indicate security misconfigurations, with the ability to track “60 Azure security configurations across all Azure services”, according to McAfee. There are multiple aspects in securing cloud infrastructure that includes securing applications, users, hosts, storage and networks, Ramanathan said. CASBs are also used to control data access and prevent the uploading of sensitive data. This solution is created to check for threats in virtualized infrastructure and block them. These workloads are typically mission critical, and Microsoft’s service updates are aimed at making it easier to run them in Azure, which could motivate more customers to move their applications onto the tech titan’s cloud. Microsoft Corp. today announced a slew of new services and updates to its Azure public cloud platform created to make it easier for users to migrate database workloads to its cloud data centers. “The Azure cloud ensures we are best placed to make this happen and offer our customers robust technology on a secure and proven platform”. The McAfee Cloud Workload Security product became available for use with Azure earlier this year. “One of the biggest challenges for enterprise security teams today is that they’re using so many different cloud environments”, Gupta said. “At the same time, the adoption of cloud allows organizations to transform their business”. “We’re extending numerous security controls we have for AWS to Azure”, Rajiv Gupta, senior vice president of McAfee’s cloud security business unit and former CEO of Skyhigh, told SearchSecurity.

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