MakeMyTrip and IndiGo has been launched a charter service at Phuket, Thailand.


A charter service was launched at Phuket, Thailand by MakeMyTrip and IndiGo, an online travel company. Both said they wanted to make travel to the vacation island easier as Phuket remains closed to direct passengers from India. MakeMyTrip said it will be available on select dates beginning in early December 2021.

Vipul Prakash, CEO of MakeMyTrip, said that over the past few quarters we have focused on developing products and services that make traveling easier, safer and more convenient during an outbreak. Indian travelers hope to travel to popular vacation destinations in Southeast Asia. He said packages start at around 40,000 won.

According to the Thai Ministry of Tourism and Sports, around 80 billion baht in revenue was generated from tourism, making Indians the third largest group to visit Thailand in a tourism-dependent economy. According to the authority, most of the arrivals come from China and Malaysia, around 40 million tourists generate more than 60 billion dollars in sales.

Khun Vachirachai Sirisumpan, director of the Thailand Tourism Authority (TAT), said the authority supports the initiative and looks forward to seeing Indian travelers again. These players have received safety certification from the authorities and follow strict hygiene measures that are essential to prevent the epidemic from spreading.

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