Make Online Dating Much More Fun.


Online dating can be fun, but only if you have good conversation skills. Unfortunately, some of us miss the game and end up using some very bad and stuffy jokes, especially when starting a conversation on platforms like Tinder. For people who get nervous and end up putting too much pressure on themselves trying to come up with a funny joke, this is just perfect. This actually brings out the chandler in you and makes you look a little efficient, aloof, but a fun person to be with. Make sure you cut down on “sarcastic comments” when you go somewhere.

This is a bit risky and we encourage you to distribute it very carefully. But hey, if you and your partner both know what you want, it’s clear why you’re on a dating / connection app and don’t apologize for being yourself, give it a try. It might sound a bit corny and only works for hardcore FRIENDS fans, but it works fine. Especially when you want to indicate that you take the relationship seriously and want to investigate further. Pickup jokes don’t have to be shoddy or super fun. Keep it simple and try them out, especially if you are a fan of the show. This ensures you have a lot to talk about.

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