LinkedIn is making a Clubhouse clone.


It seems almost every big tech company is working on a clubhouse-style social audio feature – Twitter’s Spaces feature is rolling out, Facebook would create one, Spotify would create one, Mark Cuban had one, even Slack is getting started. But now the idea of a shared audio room has come full circle, which began in the clubhouse largely as an exclusive club for tech venture capitalists and elites.

LinkedIn said in a statement to TechCrunch that they are doing some initial testing to create a unique audio experience tied to our professional identity and they are exploring how they can bring audio to other areas of LinkedIn, such as events and groups, to give their members even more opportunities to connect with their community.

LinkedIn has already worked to become a target for creators with tools like a new Creator Mode that marks you as a LinkedIn content creator on your profile. One clubhouse-like feature actually seems to fit the bill perfectly.

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