Learn the tricks of web development in 44 hours

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Spending just $29 could be the start of your future in web development. The minimum outcome is that you learn an interesting and marketable new skill. If things go well, it could be life-changing.

That’s right, for just $29 you can get the Complete PHP & MySQL Web Development Bundle this week. This combination of seven online training kits and 44 hours of expert instruction is enough to take you from absolute newbie to pro web developer by the time you’re done.

I mean, if you consider the possibility that a supercomputer or AI-driven machine could be doing your job in 10 or 20 years time, what the hell will you be doing?

People who will still have great jobs will be the IT and web development professionals. If you can learn these skills then you’re future-proof.

PHP and MySQL are two very important tools used in web development, allowing you to create interactive content that integrates with databases to manage large amounts of data.

Across this set of learning kits, you’ll specialize in these useful applications, as well as frameworks which take them to the next level such as Yii and Laravel. Don’t worry, the web lingo will all make sense pretty quickly.

Here’s the full web development bundle:

  • PHP and MySQL Training – $300 Value
  • Introduction to MySQL – $300 Value
  • Web Application Development with CakePHP – $300 Value
  • Yii PHP Framework: Web Application Development with Yii – $300 Value
  • PHP & MySQL: The Ultimate Web Development Training – $300 Value
  • Laravel PHP Framework Training – $300 Value
  • Advanced Laravel PHP Framework Training – $300 Value

This much specialist training is usually very pricey, but occasionally the price is dropped massively. That’s the case for the next few days, with the whole bundle being offered for just $29.

That gets you lifetime access too, so don’t worry if you’re a bit busy right now. You can take advantage of this 98 percent price drop while it lasts, then get stuck in when you have the time.

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