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It is a well-established fact now that for any company to flourish it needs to have its presence on the digital platform. While social media can be the right place to attract some attention but it does not establish a brand image of that company without a proper website. As a result of this businesses are hiring the best web development company to ensure that they get the website designed that would allow them to get as much traction as possible.

There are several technologies that are available in the market for developing a website but most of the developers use PHP as the technology for website development. This has resulted in a significant rise in PHP development companies. There are several reasons that PHP is the choice of web developers for creating a website.

In this article we will look into the role of PHP in web development and why developers at any custom software development company prefer to use PHP for developing a webpage.

Role Of PHP in Web Development

As mentioned earlier PHP is a server-side scripting language, which means the client only receives the output since the processing happens in the server. The processing is done by using the resources of the server before sending the output. This is in contrast to languages like JavaScript in, which the language is processed on the computer of the client and the resources used are from the computer and not a server.

Normal vs. PHP Web Request Cycle

The cycle of Normal Web: When a client requests for an HTML page then the process happens in the following format:

– Client requests
– A request for ‘welcome.html’ is done, i.e locate the welcome.html and send it as the response to the server.
– From there the response for ‘welcome.html’ arrives
– Which then goes to the client

The cycle of PHP Web Request: When client requests for a PHP page then the process happens in the following format:

– Client requests
– A request for ‘welcome.php’ is done, i.e. a request is sent to the PHP engine. A response is sent as an output from the server.
– The response for ‘welcome.php’ is then sent to the client.

Dynamic Content

When you enter welcome.html the code is different from that of ‘welcome.php’. To explain it further, depending on the time of the day when you request ‘welcome.html’ you will always receive the response ‘Welcome!’ as the heading. Whereas, when you request welcome.php depending on the time of the day you will receive ‘Good Morning’ if it is before 12 pm and ‘Welcome!’ after 12 pm.

This indicates that welcome .html has a static behavior compared to welcome.php, which is dynamic. It is because welcome.html always delivers the same content, whereas PHP changes are as per the time. This allows you as a developer to improve on files thus making it more dynamic than HTML.

PHP Engine Output

PHP engine outputs contents differently from that of HTML, the reason being PHP interpreter reads the lines of the file that are tagged between and then processes that. Any content without the PHP tag will not be processed by the PHP engine.

If as a client you want PHP to be embedded in HTML that is also possible, only you have to hire PHP developer who is proficient in such a task and knows how to do it.

Why PHP Is The Choice For Web Developers?

There are several factors apart from the fact that PHP is dynamic that has resulted in best web development companies preferring to use PHP for developing websites. Here are some of the reasons:

• Easy to learn: Compared to other languages like Java and C, PHP is much easier to learn and easy to use too.

• Open Source and Free: The components of the language are free to use since it is an open source. So all you have to do is contact PHP development company and your job can be done easily and in a cost-effective manner.

• Cross-Platform: PHP can run on all the major OS like Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux thus saving lots of time for developers.

• Easy to Deploy: Deploying a PHP is easy and at a low cost since many hosting companies willing to offer a server for running the website.

• Less Time to market: One of the factors that many custom software development companies prefer to use PHP for web development is because of its less time to market feature. This will allow any enterprise to gain better popularity than the competitor.

• Reliable: Depending on how the developer codes, the web language can turn out to quite efficient. It is also scalable when the codes are written, thus making it a reliable language.

• Faster Processing: Since PHP uses its own memory space, it automatically reduces the loading time and server workload. Thus giving it better and faster processing capacity. Hence it is effective for websites that have high traffic.

• Built-in function: Many useful tasks like sending emails, generating GIPFs, PDF documents and connecting to other network servers can be done with PHP since it has its own libraries.

• Secured: This is one language that has one of the best layers of security protection in the market. Hence developing a website or app with PHP is much more secure than any other language.

• User-friendly: The simplicity of any website or app created with PHP makes it user-friendly since it is easy to understand and use.

• Tested and Proven: Over millions of people have been using websites created with PHP for over two decades. It’s abilities and functions have been tested time and again and have proven to stand the test of time.

• Extensions: The extensions in PHP allow modifying the source code file and managing them too making it the most used language by the developers.

• Flexible: The functionalities of a website or an app might need changing several times when it is being developed or later too, PHP allows a seamless way to do that without any hassle.

• Easy to Integrate: With PHP you do not have to re-code and re-develop as it can easily integrate with the current company software.

• Supportive community: PHP has a large community of developers who keeps updating the forums with news and benefits. It is a reliable source of information on PHP and other related issues. So if you ever get stuck the PHP community is there to support you.


PHP offers the option of running on a web server since it is a server-side scripting language. It is also secure, reliable and fast that has resulted in web developers preferring to work with PHP. So it would quite beneficial for any enterprise to hire a PHP developer than a general web developer.

A PHP developer who specializes in this language knows the dynamic nature of the scripting language that can enhance the appearance and function of the website. Irrespective of the industry that the web page belongs to, a web page created with PHP is more dynamic and also easy to use.

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