Jerlyn D’silva has now made blogging a part of her life.


Life brings many unexpected twists and turns. What matters is how you buckle up and hug whatever is on the road. Staying open and taking leaps of faith is critical to manifesting in this age. Jerlyn D ‘silva, a digital influencer, took the roller coaster of her life and found her way through a thousand alleys.

Having started out as a food blogger while writing for a food and search engine, Jerlyn has now expanded her domains to include lifestyle, fitness, fashion, travel and more. Blogging wasn’t her first choice. Jerlyn was initially interested in becoming a pastry chef and to serve her interests she began cooking at the age of 15. She began studying marketing but ended up working on her creative abilities on a radio station. The former radio jockey had a knack for writing and then began working as a senior content writer to continue improving her skills.

Blogging was never Jerlyn’s first choice. Before finding her mentor to get her to start blogging about food she explored a variety of areas including marketing and public relations. Jerlyn knows the industry know-how and knows that people in a success race go beyond digital media. The race for the maximum number of followers has outweighed the importance of providing quality content. She believes that people shouldn’t just rush but stay on their land and grow over time.

Due to her constant frenzy on the pitch, Jerlyn D ’silva has received many awards for her work. She appeared in Femina India Magazine and won the title of Top Five Women Writers of India at the Orange Flower Awards. She has been nominated five times for the prestigious FBAI Awards. She was also named one of the best food bloggers in town by the Pune Times.

A foodie at heart, Jerlyn is delighted to be able to try and make a living on the best delicacies in the world. Her love for travel and exploration of places has opened up some exciting opportunities in her life. She is not making plans for her future now. She liked uncertainty more and she continues to deal with life that way.

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