JavaScript vs. Java and PHP

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The practice of website development starts with the designing aspect, which encompasses client-side programming languages. In general, there are three languages that are used in web design: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. While HTML and CSS have been the base of web designing since the invention of websites, JavaScript is being used to add the dynamic view of the website.

In offering an appealing UI/UX, JavaScript plays a vital role. However, there has been a big misconception about JS being a part of Java. Sometimes, JavaScript is also compared with the server-side language PHP.

According to CodeSWAT company, it’s better to run a comparison of JavaScript vs. Java and JavaScript vs. PHP before choosing any coding platform for a newbie developer. This will let you acknowledge the similarities and differences.

JavaScript vs. Java Similarities

Although both these languages are different, there are some similarities on a broader level.

OOPS Concept

Both the languages follow the OOPS concept. You are already aware of using objects in Java. Similar to that, in JS, too, the objects are along with the relations in between them.

Front-End Development

Where JavaScript can be directly added to the HTML, Java can also be used as Java Applets.

JavaScript vs. Java Dissimilarities

When it comes to the differences between the two, a lengthy list occurs. Few of the major differences between the two are the following.

Running Platform

Java runs on JVM (Java Virtual machine) for which you require JDK or JRE. On the other hand, JavaScript runs on a web browser, so there is no need for a specific platform. Interestingly, all latest web browsers support JavaScript.


In terms of availability, Java is available everywhere and is also considered to be an independent programming language. On the other hand, JavaScript is limited to be used with HTML and CSS; resisting its global usage.


Java is a compiled and interpreted language whereas JavaScript is just a plain-text code. It means the code written for JS is interpreted in on different platforms.


The constructors are used in Java at object creation whereas, in JS, the constructors are just a standard function.

JavaScript vs. PHP Similarities

The battle between JavaScript and PHP is more important as both these languages are a major part of Web Development.

Scope of Use

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor), as well as JavaScript, are used for web development task. Their incomparable importance helps the coder to build appealing UI with strong back-end features.

Interpreted Languages

Both PHP and JavaScript are called as interpreted languages (or scripts). It means that the code is made to run on their respective environments (browser and server for JavaScript and PHP respectively)

JavaScript vs. PHP Dissimilarities

Server vs. Client Side

Both the languages are different on the basis of front-end and back-end. JavaScript scripting language is a front-end language (except Node.js) whereas PHP is a server side language and compatible for  IP Phones and you can also run Lucky Patcher APK on it.


In PHP, the concept of multi-threading is available to handle multiple requests simultaneously. On the other hand, in JavaScript, the coder are only provided with some tactics like event loop + Node clustering which helps to deal with the same.


As already mentioned that JavaScript uses the objects and the relations in between them while coding a script. On the other hand, PHP is a procedural cum object oriented language.


JS language can be embedded with HTML, XML, and AJAX. On the other hand, PHP can only be embedded with HTML. It can’t be used with XML. However, there are other options to use the same with XML.

So, the comparison makes it clear that JavaScript scripting language is a bit similar to Java and PHP, but is not anyhow an alternate to these languages. You can use JS as a supportive language but you can’t make it the base language for web-based or app based coding.

The scope of JavaScript is enhancing with the introduction of Node.js, Angular.js, and other scripts. So, if you are a web developer, learning JavaScript will always be an advantage to your knowledge and skills.


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