Java vs. Python: Which programming language is more popular for developers?

Credits : Techrepublic

Programming language popularity and demand waxes and wanes over time, but two languages are consistently vying for top spots on a variety of rankings: Java and Python.

Python tops the list of most loved programming languages, and was in the top three languages developers said they wanted to learn in 2019. Meanwhile, Java is still ranked as the most popular programming language by the TIOBE index and as one of the programming languages most in-demand by employers.

When it comes to what coding languages developers are currently trying to learn, training for Java remains the most popular, according to a Monday report from Skillsoft. However, after studying the 12 million technology professionals in the Skillsoft user base, the report found that learners’ total hours of Python training jumped 20% from 2017 to 2018, by nearly 200,000 hours.

Skillsoft measured more than 17,000 programming assets across its offerings. Programming topics represent 18% of all hours spent on the platform, and 20% of total assets, the report noted.

Java dominates in terms of the number of assets and total hours, but Python leads in average hours consumed, the report found. JavaScript was a distant third across all measures.

In terms of keywords searched, program, Java, and Web were the primary topics, while Python, JavaScript, HTML, API, Develop and Net were secondary topics.

In-demand IT skills

Across all areas of IT, top skills that professionals were seeking to learn include the following topics, the report found:

  1. Data
  2. Secure
  3. Microsoft
  4. Server
  5. Manage
  6. Service
  7. Create
  8. Configure
  9. SQL
  10. Web
  11. Window

The report also examined the most popular IT certifications among its users, and ranked them as follows:

  1. CompTIA A+
  2. CompTIA Network+
  3. Certified Ethical Hacker
  4. CompTIA Security+
  5. Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

“The findings of Skillsoft’s new report are in line with IDC’s research on the development of skills and competence from a planning, development, sourcing and matching perspective,” Cushing Anderson, program vice president of IT education and certification research at IDC, said in a press release. “As demand for having the right skills at the right time increases in projects and lines of business, tracking and developing IT skills is more essential than ever.”

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