Java developer is the most sought-after skill in the country

Credits: Htxt

Credits: Htxt

Here’s a pro-tip for those leaving tertiary studies who are still undecided about their job path: study to become a Java developer.

Job search engine Adzuna recently conducted a study to find out what are the most sought-after skills in the country, and ‘Java Developer’ topped the list. It’s also not that surprising to find an incredible amount of jobs in the technology space.

“While not every job in demand is posted online, the trends shown by the sample data are clear and meaningful. Companies must dig deep to explore new ways of attracting programming and engineering skills, as well as some of those in the financial or accountancy area. Management skills too, represent a challenge,” said Jesse Green, country manager for Adzuna South Africa.

Adzuna explained that “engineers and developers, together with financial skills, are clearly the hardest to find, with the most demand from firms, yet with the least available candidates. Interestingly, recruiters are now a hot skill with many organisations and agencies requiring recruitment specialists in their HR departments.”

It added that the technology space is definitely  the place to be working in. “Now, with finance skills showing an increasing difficulty to recruit, it will be interesting to see how companies, and hopefully the South African government, ensure that South African firms are able to hire the right people with the best competencies.”