India has overtaken US in mobile development courses

Credits: Brainbuxa

Credits: Brainbuxa

India overtook the US to become the top country in the world in terms of interest in mobile developer courses in 2016. Search queries in mobile development courses from India saw 200% year on year growth in the last two years with Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra leading with bulk of queries from India.

As indicated by the report, mobile development courses make for 6 per cent IT-related courses that are in huge demand and it is expected that the volume will massively grow owing to the continuous rise in standard mobile developers in India.

“We have seen tremendous response for mobile developer courses from India, with 16,500 students enrolling every month, taking up Android development, mobile web development and learning new cloud-based technology courses,” said Peter Lubbers, Head, Google Developer Training, in a statement.

Mobile development courses are in huge demand in India and it is growing with each passing day. These courses are being offered online and offline both. Major training partners are Simplilearn, Udacity, Edureka, Koenig, Manipal Global, and UpGrad. These are key private partners to provide mobile development courses across India.

In a statement by Krishna Kumar, CEO of Simplilearn, he mentioned that 65 per cent of students in mobile development courses are either college students or fresh graduates’ when compared to US, where 60 per cent students are working professionals.

“While India leads the world in terms of education-related queries, demand for vocational training courses has been steadily rising, comprising 40 per cent of the total search volume growing at a healthy rate of 50 per cent year-on-year,” Google India said.

Beginning 2017, more than 40 private and state specialized colleges will offer the “Android Fundamental” course as a major aspect of standard educational modules.