Increased Demand for Broadband and Networking Solutions by VCTI.


Broadband and network technology expert VCTI announced today that it had achieved customer growth of 53% in the first half of 2021 and expanded its services to all strategic customers. The company has had many successes in the areas of product innovation, partnership and leadership.

As part of an effort to bridge the country’s digital divide, the US federal and state governments are granting funding to expand broadband access to unserved and underserved communities at unprecedented levels. As a result, broadband service providers strive to clearly understand the technological options and the financial implications of those options in order to prioritize infrastructure and investment opportunities.

Excellent business development:

VCTI increased the number of new customers by 53% in the first half of 2021. New customers include GeoLinks, California’s fastest growing telecommunications company and Etheric Networks, a leader in wireless Internet services in the California Bay Area. The company also reported 100 percent customer loyalty.

New Product Innovation:

VCTI unveiled its new Broadband Investment Optimization service, which helps broadband service providers accelerate their process of identifying underserved communities and then analyzing, quantifying, prioritizing and optimizing opportunities for them.

Growing software service practice:

VCTI software services will continue to be accepted by existing customers. The consistently high quality, on-time and on-budget delivery of projects has enabled the company to expand its service commitments within its existing customer base and acquire new customers.

Extended partnership with ServiceNow:

VCTI’s NOCVue Service Enabler, which significantly improves the provisioning, activation and management of broadband subscribers, has been certified in the ServiceNow Store. An important part of automation is the detection and verification of what is active in the access network. In addition, VCTI is now a member of the ServiceNow Services Partner Program, which enables VCTI to provide implementations for the Now platform that can include consulting, outsourcing, outsourcing or custom application development.

VCTI Careers:

VCTI is currently recruiting to support its growth and plans to increase its workforce by 40% in 2021.

About VCTI:

VCTI is a leading global provider of network technology. VCTI provides technology expert resources for technology companies to develop complex network and cloud-based products. The company also offers software solutions and services that enable broadband providers to optimize their investments in network expansion, simplify operations and strengthen the path to digital transformation.

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